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Hi everybody, I have joined in Whzon  since July, 2015. I knew Whzon from my friend in facebook. Whzon has been existing since 2011 by Mr Peter.

Whzon is a site like a  facebook or bitlanders, all is a amazing. The site is a very popular site with many members in a world, such as Canada, USA, Paskistal, Philipin, Vietnam, India,...

Let's meet top earners on the post for gold network:

1, Grecy095   Earned : 24,811 coins

2, AnneFarmer Earned : 24,616 coins

3, jjeeppeerrxx   Earned : 16,157 coins

4, Alexandoy  Earned : 15,655 coins

5, OGY JOE OBAMA  Earned : 14,982 coins


How to start and earn money in the site?  

Method 1. Become a member is here, click to link and register:


and don't foget get your email verified

This is video how to use whzon  (source: youtube)

Method 2. Making Posts

- post your picture: write status.

Videos: updates video just from youtube.

- Blog: write blog and tell something about it.

Vistit members profile, become friend and like their posts


You do NOT earn gold for liking things. You do earn when other people LIKE what you post.

The members are divided  Regular Member and Quality Provider

1 like  for Regular Members is 5 coins, and for Quality Provider is 8 coins.

1 coin~0.01 CAD. Whzon paid for you when you achieved 1000 coin ~ 10 CAD.


  • Each member can give you 1 paid like per day.
  • Each member can give 30 paid likes/Day.
  •  The member becomes active after the 30 days you will be paid.


About Boosted Posts

Members can pay to have a post Boosted. To boost a post they offer an amount in gold for your like/dislike and comment on a post. This is the only time you can earn for liking posts.

How to Withdraw Your Earns

You can see your coins at Bank


This picture is my coins earned everyday


Fill in your payment information

Withdaw gold

Minimum payout is 10 CAD, 1.00 CAD =0.76$ ( you can see canadian dollar to us dollar at site  )

You can request pay your coins with Paypal acount, whzon get paid take 24-48 hours.

My payments from this site :)

Method 3. The fastest way to earn more coin is bring more Members with your share link.

To earn gold coins each time someone joins using your link. You can also post it anywhere on the web or just email it to your friends directly.

New Member Bonus for Regular Members is 400 coins, for Quality Provider is 500 coins.


How To Become A Quality Provider (Tycoon of city)

Become Tycoon Of Your City by Purchase it with paypal, Purchase Price: $10.00/month at now.

And then you can earn 8 coins from each like, 500 coins from new member signup,  and have You will receive 60% of all online advertising purchased by members from your city/town, is call Tycoon Taxes Collected.


Lets join now and Good Luck !

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