Allergy with milk and eggs in children

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Complain of allergy with milk and eggs in children, is common. According to medical research the ratio of allergy with milk is two percent and the ratio of allergy with egg is 1-2 percent in children, but with the increasement in age, the ailment of this allergy also decreases, means it doesn’t increases.

     In Mari Land it had been proved from new research on 800 allergist children with eggs and 900 allergist children with milk that this ailment remains in children till the age of 13 years old. Allergist children with milk, after the age of 4 years, 20% children had able to bear milk and after 4 years 24% children have gotten rid of this evil.


   Whereas according to previous research 75 percent children in age of three years had get rid of allergy, similarly 4% allergy children from egg in the age of 4 years have and in the age of 10 years 37% children have gotten rid of allergy.


    According to one more research when children become adult approximately they get rid from both types of allergy.


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