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Every person can get an opportunity of going abroad and then he or she can meet with new peoples. It’s good for someone who meets with peoples whom he/she has not yet met before because he or she can know about their life styles their way of talking their way of dressing and the most important thing is that he/she can also know about their language, foods and education systems too. World is round so therefore every person should meet with new peoples because every things has its own importance and its importance are many, like one can live a peaceful and comfortable life even when he lives out of his/her home town.


From new peoples one can learn lot of new things which are quite interested because it’s a nature that to learn new things is amazing. New things have its own importance in human’s life because everyone likes to do or to learn something new in one’s life.


Peoples from different countries like to visit other different countries like here in Pakistan every year lot of foreign tourist come here to meet with new peoples to enjoy locations , weather and special national dishes here. They meet with different peoples of different cultural with in one country like in Pakistan Punjabi , Balochi, Phatans and Sindhi etc. So they learn lot of new things from peoples and also adopt some cultural activities like (phatani shalwar kameez) dress like (sindhi topi) hat like (Punjabi laang) or like (balochi sawas) shows etc. They also make photographs here in Pakistan with famous and historical places.


So every person from any country should meet with new peoples of the same country or foreigners thus they can learn something new J .  (Thank you…!!)

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