American Hero John Feal Fights for Those who Are Still Affected by 9/11

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Today In the Lab, Arthur Kade sits down with 9/11 Hero, John Feal. John was one of the first responders during 9/11 and is creator of the "Feal Good Foundation.",  which helps 9/11 first responders like himself. Feal, who was injured during the reconstruction of the 9/11 site, tells us "My injury, I lost half my foot, pales in comparison to those who are sick and dying, or have died because of 9/11 and its aftermath". Feal shares with us his feelings on government support for those effected by 9/11, saying that most of congress turned their back on them." Congress sucks...they should be embarrassed, they should not be paid, for not doing their jobs... They probably all care when they're running, but then they get caught up." Feal is fighting to keep the bill "The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act", from being sequestered. Feal says that because so many people from other states came to New York during the clean up and recovery  of 9/11,"This isn't just an issue that involves NY congress, this is an issue that effects every elected official in D.C." When people think of 9/11, they think of the immediate deaths and injuries but Feal educates us on the long term damage 9/11 did. John speaks about the amount of people that have post injuries and lasting effects due to 9/11, such as cancer, post dramatic stress disorder, pulmonary fibrosis, respiratory problems, and acid reflux. "The sad thing is for years they said we weren't sick, that we were making it up, that we we're crying wolf".  John talks about looking at celebrities as piers and he tells us that he is forever in debt to comedian John Stewart for bringing these issues to light. "It took a sit down comedian to take a serious issue and embarrass elected officials on the national level. What took us 8 years took John, a half hour." Feal also shares with us a story about donating a kidney to a 9/11 responder ,"He went  to my website and wrote me saying, I dig what you're doing, this is great...can you put me on your website, I need a kidney ...I said I'll tell you what, you can have my kidney...I wasn't a complete match for him...we did a six person swap...I never won lotto but I saved three lives, and there's not a better showing in the world."  Feal in the end remains hopeful in stopping the sequestering of the bill saying "We may not get it done tomorrow,  but will get it done." To help support Feal and other 9/11 supporters, go to, and share links and information.

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