An Old Fathers Wish

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An Old Fathers Wish

Dear child:

Whenever you found me old and worthless

Whenever I couldn’t wear my clothes, or made it dirty during having meal

Whenever you found my words repeated and boring have patients and try to understand

Try to remember that when u were child and I changed your clothes many times in a day

For your happiness and laugh and to fell u asleep I described a novel many times

Whenever I want to go to the toilet don’t make me feel ashamed

Whenever I ask about today’s modern technologies don’t laugh at me 

Whenever my mind doesn’t work for memorizing a word or a name let me think and don’t get mad on me

When my feet doesn’t have the power to walk give me your hands just like when u were taking your first steps beside me

Help me as I helped you, help me to finish this life with your patients and kindness 

It means that we must help those who have grown us up till now and they are our parents the Allah (SWT) gift on earth and they are Mother and Father of us, Mothers and fathers are the most love able persons in the world we share everything bad and good with our Mother, Mothers are the helpers of Allah (SWT) in creating a human in the world, they grow us up and teach us those things that we don’t know, even our names we can’t talk  we can’t move they teach us all and when they became old we leave their hand by saying we have our own life while we know something from modern technology and they ask 2 wise about the usage of it we laugh on them that they don’t know and we forget those moments that we were nothing but just a human life they tough us they helped us,

Hope we all treat our Parents well, so we will be treated well from our children

Yasar Asekzai

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This is Mohammad Yasar Asekzai 21 years old, From Kabul Afghanistan, student at Faculty of Law at Cairo University, He is interested in Writing, Reading and Exercising.

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