An Unforgettable Romantic Love Story "T I T A N I C"

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T  I  T  A  N  I  C

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Is an American classic romantic tragedy movie which was produced, directed and written by James Cameron. Titanic, A novelized story of the sunk ship. It’s a love story movie by James Cameron.


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James Cameron

James Francis Cameron

Was  born on 16th August 1954. By profession he is a significant director, film maker and producer.In most instances he is a writer and editor. He is a Canadian. His first major success was the terminator film in 1984. After that James become popular director of Hollywood. Here are the names of his major films. 

The Terminator (1984)

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985

Aliens (1986)

The Abyss (1989)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

True Lies (1994)

Strange Days (1995)

Titanic (1997)

Spider-Man and Dark Angel (2000–2002)

Documentaries (2002–2012)

Avatar (2009)

Sanctum (2011)

The wreckage of ships inspired Cameron to make a film on titanic. It was the expensive budget film approx. $200 million, funded by 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures.  It was an awesome love story. The love story of two different class people who fell in love with each other.

So, let’s start with little introduction to main cast of the movie.


I am not going to discuss the whole cast of the movie. Here, I would like to tell, the main characters of the movie. They are as listed below: 


Leonardo DiCaprio

Jack Dawson: “an artist who is talented to have his emotion soar" Cameron wanted that the cast to feel as, however they were truly on the ship Titanic. In the movie, Jack is represented as a homeless, unfortunate poor man from Wisconsin. In a poker game, he won two tickets of RMS Titanic. With his friend he travels as a third class passenger. He is fascinated to Rose, at first sight. This allows DiCaprio to mix with the first-class passengers. At the time DiCaprio was 22 years old. Cameron toughly believed in the acting abilities of DiCaprio. Though Jack Dawson was an imaginary character.


Kate Winslet 

Rose DeWitt Bukater: “Winslet had the thing that you look for". Rose, a 17-year-old girl, formerly from Philadelphia, who is forced with an engagement to 30-year-old Cal Hockley. With Cal and Ruth (Rose’s mother), as a first-class passenger, Rose boards the RMS Titanic, where she meets with Jack. "She has got a very open heart and she wants to explore adventurous world. At the time of movie Kate was 22-year old. After the screen test with DiCaprio, Winslet was so comprehensively mesmerized with him, and said to Cameron, He is great. Kate’s determination, her talent, finally convinced Cameron to cast her in the role.

Billy Zane 

Caledon Nathan "Cal" Hockley:  30-year-old Cal, is Rose's future husband. He is arrogant, and the beneficiary to a steel fortune of Pittsburgh. He becomes uncomfortable and jealous about Jack and Rose's relationship.


Frances Fisher

Ruth DeWitt Bukater: Widowed mother of Rose, who wants her daughter to engage and marry with Cal just to sustain her family's high-society status. She disrespects Jack, and she believes that taking a loving marriage, social position is more important.


Story of Titanic with Screenshots


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In 1996, Brock Lovett a treasure hunter and his team. To search the RMS Titanic wreckage. He wants to know about "The heart of the ocean" the necklace with a rare diamond. After lot of work they found a safe which contains a drawing sketch of beautiful young woman who only wears a necklace. The sketch was of Rose Dawson and the date mentioned on the sketch was 14th April 1912, when the titanic struck with iceberg. Brock thought that he will have to bring the rose on the ship and should asked about her experiences of RMS Titanic.


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In 1912, Southampton, 17-year old Rose , her mother Ruth and her future husband Cal board to the RMS Titanic. Ruth wanted her daughter to marry with Cal to maintain the high class status after her husband’s death and to solve the financial problems of her daughter Rose. She feels worried about her engagement and wanted to suicide from stern by jumping, where she meets Jack Dawson who saves her life from falling. After that rose tells Cal that jack how saved her from falling and he deserves some reward. Cal invites Jack for a dinner with him in the first class night. Jack and rose grow an uncertain friendship which causes Cal and Ruth to worry. After dinner, Jack and rose secretly goes a party in a third class. Ruth disrespects Jack. Rose aware of cal and Ruth disapproval. She prefers more Jack than Cal.


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At sunset, meeting on the bow. Rose takes Jack to her room. She requests Jack to sketch her. Jack agrees and sketches rose posing nude only wearing the heart of the ocean, her engagement present by Cal. The bodyguard of Cal searching both of them and they escape from him and hide in an automobile in the cargo of RMS Titanic,where he have sex. After that on the forward deck they both see the collision of titanic with an iceberg.  


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Cal found sketch of Rose with a note along with the necklace. When Rose and Jack informed cal about the collision, he accuses Jack for theft of necklace. Jack arrested and with the help of hand cuffs, he attached with a pipe.


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When Ship sinking, Rose escapes from Cal and her mother Ruth, avoided a lifeboat and rescues Jack. After lots of obstacles, they arrived on the boat deck, Cal and Jack forced her to board in lifeboat. Cal said to her that he can get Jack out of the ship. After Rose boards and when her boat lowers, Cal says to Jack that the only place available on the boat is  for himself. Rose chooses that she cannot leave Jack alone in this situation and jumps on to the ship. Cal picks his body guards pistol and heading towards first class dining saloon to chase both Jack and Rose. When he utilized all his ammunition, Cal recalls that he gave his coat along with the necklace to Rose. Later he boards with a lost child in a stacking lifeboat and leaves Rose and Jack on the wrecking ship.


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The lifeboats departed and the remaining passengers falling to their deaths. The ship halts in half. Jack and rose now into the ocean. He helps Rose onto a panel of wood which was only for one person. Jack tells her that

She will not die here, she will die as an old woman. Rose saved by jack, but he dies of hypothermia.

After escaping Rose hides from Cal, the survivors goes in New York city, and where Rose tells her name as Rose Dawson. Later Cal committed suicide after losing everything in 1929 Wall Street Crash.

After hearing all story of Rose, Lovett abandons his research. Asking about the necklace, Rose shows "the heart of the ocean" and drops into the sea on the wreck site. She apparently falls asleep or may be has died in her bed. 

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In this modern era. Lots of directors using the special effects in their films. And in this film Cameron wanted that the effects should be beyond the imaginations. He chose Digital Domain for this. He already worked with them for The  Abyss and  The  Terminator  2:  Judgment Day. In the past,  most of the films, water shots in slow motion, which did not look absolutely substantial. Like the previous titanic films, Cameron showed the ship breaking into two pieces before wholly sinking.

Cameron complained previous Titanic films for portraying the final drop as sliding stylishly into the water. So he wanted to portray it as alarmingly and chaotic. In order to this scene, people required to fall off from the sloping deck, falling hundreds of feet below and propellers on the way down. by using computer generated people for the dangerous falls"

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Music and Soundtrack

The album of soundtracks was compiled by James Horner. He tried almost thirty singers, but finally chose Sissel. Her voice creates the precise moods within the film. Additionally, Horner wrote the title song “My Heart Will Go On”.

Celine Dion recorded this song with the influence of her husband. Cameron wanted that the title song should be great. After the release it become a hit song. 


Theme Song


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Nominations & Awards

Overall Titanic won, 49 different awards for different categories, this  picture shows all details about the awards.

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