Animation to Live action

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For some time recently, i am thinking on creating live action movies instead of the usual animated films. But  i came to realize that live action has limitation to what it can do and more troublesome matters to go through.

Creating films that are Sci-fi or fantasy based are a lot more tedious with live action etc the props, costumes, actors, settings and so on. In animation, i just need to plan it all out with the concepts on paper and I can start almost immediately.

But i will give live action a shot if i have the chance and also if there's a good story to tell.



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Hi, My name is Choo Bin Yong. I have been making movies since 2005. I started with making flash animations and really love the audiences' feedback for them. I just love seeing the reaction and feeling the anticipation. Gradually i wanted to be better. I applied to a art school…

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