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I woke up today with a smile as I recall the Ant Man and the Wasp movie we watched last night together with my husband, James. Their company has this quarterly movie night and I joined again this time. Note that I would only watch movies on the big screen whenever they have their movie night so this time that the Ant Man and the Wasp was showing, I didn't need to be told if I would like to watch because I do want to watch Marvel movies!

Although I wasn't able to watch the first parts of this sequel, I got curious really curious because of the trailer. Let's watch it below:

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This blog is of course about my personal impressions and review of the movie. I actually found this very entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot, like a lot! I had laughed like a thousand times (yes, I am exaggerating)! Here are the reasons why this is a recommended movie.

Excellent Sense of Humor

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I admit I was somewhat lost when the cast started talking about what had happened in Germany and who this man (the Ant Man) is because I have not watched him or any of his previous Ant Man movies yet. So when the movie was done, I thought to myself, I will watch the previous sequels for sure.

However, this "lost sense" had not hindered me and my husband to enjoy the movie. In fact, I felt like I had enjoyed it than the Black Panther! Let me talk about some scenes which made me really laugh.

- Truth Serum Scene -

Luis (Michael Peña) was very funny in this part of the Ant Man and the Wasp movie. He kept insisting about the serum injected to him as the Truth Serum but Sonny Burch's man, the one who made the serum would fight over that it isn't a Truth Serum.

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This liquid injectable would make Luis tell the truth as Sonny was asking where Ant Man was so they can get the lab from him. When asked about it, Luis started stating how he and Scott met and became friends. The dubbing part though was the funniest, I laughed a thousand and the entire cinema burst into laughter too just like me.

Eventually, he revealed where Scott was and he concluded it was indeed the Truth Serum!

- The Ant Man Suit Issues -

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Scott had a problem of his suit the entire movie. It was disclosed to him that the suit is still a work in progress and so multiple times during the movie, it failed to make him become tiny like an ant and return his actual form.

I could recall two funny instances with the suit. First was when they were trying to retrieve the old suit which they'll use to track the stolen lab from Ghost. The suit was in a trophy Cassie brought with her at school. Scott's trying to become Ant Man but the suit won't work so he was stuck on looking like a young short man. He wore this oversized jacket while he walked and ran the school hallway. He couldn't even reach to his daughter's bag. And lastly, it was hard for him to walk down the stairs!

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The second suit failure was when he became a giant, reminded me of some scenes from the childhood show Voltes V where the enemies become huge monsters.

So yeah, he was just moving around the entire city chasing Sonny in an open vehicle and made it into a mini scooter! He looked really awkward with it.

- Giant Ant House Arrest -

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Scott's on house arrest because of the previous involvement with the Civil War, he couldn't get out of the house or else he'll be imprisoned for the next 20 years. But this didn't stop Hope from bringing Scott out.

She used a huge ant instead while Scott was out, his house-arrest ankle bracelet into one of the ant's legs. The funny part was when Cassie found it relaxing in their bathtub. Plus it also had learned to play Scott's electric drums!

- Janet Possessing Scott -

Okay, I had to add this because I just remembered it while I was about to wrap up this review blog.

So, it was in a period in the movie when Hope and his dad Hank were trying to figure out how to track Janet when Scott was possessed by Janet herself!

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It was super funny and awkward that Scott, being a man and very masculine had to act like a lady! Him touching Hank in an absolutely feminine way was super hilarious plus when he looked at Hope and touched her face plus, he kissed her on the forehead like any mothers do!

Eventually, Scott didn't know he was possessed and he wondered how he got to the platform afterward.

Family Orientation

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This sequel started off with a family bonding between Scott and his daughter Cassie. Obviously, this movie was not very serious about fighting any monster or an enemy like Thanos but more of a father-daughter effort in working over with technology to make their family reunion realized.

The good news is that they were successful in tracking and taking out Janet from the Quantum Realm and there was a happy family reunion that occurred at the end of all the fighting.

Almost Happy Ending

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At the point where the genius Pym family was already reunited, I told James whispering that I like this movie, it was hilarious and it has a happy ending!

But it was too early to say that actually because, at the mid-credits scenes, the newly united family were had been doing some out of this world technology stuff like getting into the Quantum Realm and Scott collecting some healing particles which I believe will be used for Ghost's healing.

Now, while Scott was inside the realm, he tried to prank the three of them by not responding to their call right away when he arrived there. Then karma hit him when he tried calling their attention and they weren't responding at all.

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This was because they were included in Thanos' snapping and vaporizing half of the universe. Unfortunately, it means Scott is left inside the Quantum Realm alone, no one's going to help him get out of there now. I dropped and became really sad when that was revealed.

So there was still a connection in this movie to the Infinity Wars. The next Marvel movie will surely become another to look out for by both the Marvel movie fans and those who are not so much of a fan like me. And I know for sure that those heartbreaking vapored heroes will come back in the next sequel!

Ant Man and the Wasp Movie Review

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With all these Marvel movies which I had been watching these past few months, I learned that these movie sequels are in fact entertaining. Which also means, I will soon be watching more of the firsts released before so I can stitch the stories altogether, perhaps even rewatch those that I had already watched in the big screen to refresh my memory.

But in this specific movie, I can truly vouch that one will be entertained, will have a good laugh and surely enjoy the action and the hilarious scenes. Also not to mention be amazed at the technology that's in it.

However, just like any other movie, there are lapses. The only thing that I can see as an example was Scott's house arrest. If the FBI is really serious with ensuring that his just inside his house, they can actually install CCTV cameras but they didn't, instead, they just left the house-arrest ankle bracelet.

That's just a tiny one and it was not so much of a deal. The only important thing for me was that I enjoyed the film! I am rating it 8.5 out of 10!

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