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As time passes, everything varies in a country. For example, in China a thousand year ago people were wearing different garments than today. Chinese clothing is divided into two parts. 1. Ancient clothing 2. Modern clothing.

 There are still lots of people love the ancient clothing and wear as a style. Thus, apparel manufacturers in China still product ancient clothing. Chinese wear ancient clothing in cultural parties to show off their old culture to the people of the world. Even Chinese apparel manufacturers export Chinese ancient clothing to European and other eastern countries.

Chinese modern garments are worn by most of Chinese youths and other people of the world.

  Chinese clothing is not only sold in all Chinese stores, it is sold in all stores of the world. Chinese garments are today found anywhere in the world, especially in eastern countries. Thousands of eastern businessmen, such as Afghan businessmen, Indian businessmen, Pakistan businessmen, and so on order clothing based on their people’s choice in different kinds with different qualities.

  In addition, apparel manufacturers in China are using International Media in order to advertise their garments. Besides they are advertising their clothing manufacturing on social media, such as Film Annex, Youtube.

 Today, however China is from the third world countries, its economy is well developed. Today, Chinese goods, especially its different clothing items are found in all markets of the world.


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