Are we in a golden age of cinema?

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A golden age is described as a period of peace, harmony and prosperity. Whilst in the world of cinema there may never fully be peace between actors or production companies there has definitely been a period of prosperity in the business for quality films.

Firstly through their top 100 films currently has 23 films made between 2000-2013, meaning that basically a quarter of what could be the best films ever made have been made since the turn of the century. With films such as The Dark Knight Rises which is number 6 on the list and also all three of the Lord of the Rings trilogy are in the top 20 films. With such quality films being produced with the new era of film makers such as Christopher Nolan and Peter Jackson with also the continuing talents of Quentin Tarantino producing films like Django Unchained which is at 56.

Whilst the films may not be seen as the extremely top films in comparison to the first two Godfather films and the Shawshank Redemption. We can look back on this era of film as one of or perhaps the golden era of film for not just quality but the amount being produced.

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