Are you tired of people not buying the Clickbank products you promote?

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Some of the great things about promoting  Clickbank products are:

1. It’s easy (no need to wait for getting approved 
as an affiliate) 
2. They Convert (you can check the ”Gravity” of 
each product and compare them)
3. The landing pages will almost do the selling 
for you.
4. Commissions are high (typically 50-75%)

One thing that makes Clickbank products less  attractive from an affiliate marketer’s perspective  is the high competition.
If you are running a review or comparison site, your visitors might not even click your affiliate link!


People are being skeptical because they probably  know that you are trying to sell them something. What they will typically do is to leave your site  without ever clicking your link and then search the internet for more information about that 
product before making the decision to purchase it.Unfortunately you are not the only one out there reviewing Clickbank products and somebody else will eventually get the commission.

Unfair? – Yes, but here’s what you can do…

Here you’ll find a  plugin called: 
Rogue Clickbank Profits Plugin” that will Practically  FORCE Visitors To Buy Through YOUR Clickbank 
Affiliate Link.Every time someone visits that particular page on your site, your Clickbank affiliate ID will automatically be embedded in their browser and you will get the commission instead of someone else.

Get Credit For Sales Without The Person Ever Clicking On Your Affiliate Link... They Just Have To Visit Your Blog...




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