How To Become Successful on eBay e-Commerce Platform

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How To Become Successful on eBay e-Commerce Platform

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Greetings my fellow readers! I already wrote a blog about Amazon e-commerce business. This time, I want to write about eBay e-commerce platform, how to become successful on eBay. Did you know that eBay was founded 23 years ago in 1995? It was made by one programmer who just wanted to help her girlfriend sell some of her unnecessary things more quickly. And now it is one of the biggest online company attracting millions of vendors and customers. So, why not to start a business on eBay

Have you ever noticed that many hours of our day runs out in the digital world? We are starting our day with an alarm clock on our phone and rush to review the news on social networks. We check news, sell and buy, pay money, and all that we are doing online. How about starting to think seriously and creating a business online? How? Read my blog. 

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What You Need To Know Before Starting e-Commerce Business on eBay

  • Registration on eBay

To have such an eBay account is a very attractive option because it does not require you to invest any money - registration is free. Well, of course, if you are not able to produce any of the products yourself, then you will need to invest some money in the goods. Registration to eBay is very easy and not complicated at all. Enter your personal details and link your eBay account to the online payment system - PayPal.

  • Payments via PayPal

If you still have not a PayPal account, then you have to do this because eBay and PayPal are an integral part of the system. All eBay payments are made through the PayPal system. PayPal registration is also free, but to activate your account, you need to link it to your credit card. It's best to be a VISA card because it only has the ability to transfer money from PayPal.

True, PayPal will charge a fee when you or your customer pays money - a transfer fee is about 3% of the amount.


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  • Cash withdrawal from PayPal

There is one additional PayPal fee. When you withdraw money, you will be charged a certain amount of money. For example, initially, you can withdraw a sum of up to 500 dollars at a time (one day), and the transfer fee will be 2 Euros. It is good, however, that the transfer is carried out fairly quickly, in about 24 hours. After a while, if your trading activity history is flawless, you can raise that limit. To do this, you need to call PayPal's administration.

  • Choose a right eBay market

This is an efficient and easy way to reach a much larger market than your country can offer. has millions of active buyers from all over the world, so it's possible to very expand your sales over a relatively short period of time.

In order to choose the right and best for you eBay market, the page on which you want to sell your goods, you should pay attention to how big is the market. According to the most active buyers and merchandise sold within 30 days, the American is the world's largest market. The second one is English, and the third is German, and fourth in


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However, American buying habits are considerably more attractive; they are not buying everything, and are less satisfied than the Australians.

  • What to sell? What are the best-sold product categories?

Which product categories are best sold on eBay? It is diabetic testers, activity trackers, Apple laptops, and game consoles. And the worst eBay categories: diamond rings, shirts, posters, and dresses. 

If your shipping costs are high and not competitive in America, you have no other choice than English or Germans. Of course, the listing can be created on all eBay markets, and this has proven to be successful.  Auto parts and transport are well sold in Germany, while in England - laptops, and phones.

I offer you to sell those items that you can get at a very favorable price. It may also be your own products or products from well-known producers. The success of sales, as I mentioned above, will largely determine the price, since it is the lower prices that force the vendors and buyers come to eBay.


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When you calculate a price of the product, keep in mind that about 10 percent of the value of the goods you sell will be taken by eBay and the mentioned ~ 3 percent for PayPal. It also costs the shipping of the item. I recommend sending by mail and let the cost of shipping the goods be paid by the client (it is possible to set it in the system).

The eBay platform resembles an ad system where you can place your product descriptions, photos. It is very important to put as high quality and informative photos as possible so that potential buyers can objectively evaluate the product offered.

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  • eBay Business Development - Feedback

I warn you that it's likely that the start of your eBay business may be very slow. First of all, your monthly turnover limit will be only $500, so you will not be allowed to load your goods as much as you want. However, if you use it all, and if you sell it properly, it's realistic that it will raise the eBay limits next month. And this will continues until there will not be any limits but it may take some time before that.

Ebay's business development depends to a large extent on feedback from your customers. If you receive the negative feedback at the beginning of the trade, your business may stop on eBay, or it may even be blocked. Therefore, you have to do everything precisely correct. The item has to be shipped on time. The item must be the same as in the description, and you must be pleasant and helpful to your buyers.


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What Means the eBay Limits?

The sale of various items through eBay is quite a popular occupation. Everyone wants to contribute somewhat to the salary, and maybe even to create a second salary. eBay is the perfect platform for doing this. However, in order to start earning money quickly, you will need to do that by proper preparation.

Often, a person, having begun selling goods on eBay and with a lot of motivation, is rushing to immediately load as many products on this site and he is eager to earn first Euros. Of course, the more items you upload, the more likely you are to sell something. But such a motivated and rushing people are facing the first obstacle - the Ebay limits.

In the beginning, you will be given limits, and you will be able to sell goods for only $ 500 a month. The eBay limits decide how many merchandises you can sell at a time. This is usually 10 to 20 items. So how do others manage to load hundreds of goods, and why cannot you do this? With time, you will be able to expand the limits, but you will have to meet certain requirements:

  • You will have to be an active seller for at least three months.
  • Requires positive feedback from your customers.
  • You have to have not unsolved problems with customers.
  • You only trade in original products.
  • You are not violating eBay policy.


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The eBay limit is valid for short, for the new users only. This limit will be removed as soon as you sell the required amount of the items. So, if your goods are in demand, nothing will prevent you from uploading even more ads. But there is another quicker way to increase the Ebay limit.

If you want to load a lot of goods quickly, but you cannot because you reach the limit, you can contact the eBay administration directly. You can email them, but you can also call. It will be faster by calling. In this case, you can expect an increased limit in less than an hour, and eBay sales will continue to be successful.

If you do not want to call and write, you just have to wait. As I have mentioned, the limit increases with the sale of several goods. If you can do this, you'll be able to upload even more ads soon. What to do in order to sell faster?

Sales are accelerated by a good brand description. It should be comprehensive, accurate.

Also, do not forget to put high-quality photos. Most buyers first look at the pictures and only then on the description, but it depends more on the product. In any case, your ad will be attractive if you have a few high-quality photos, a detailed, complete description and overall look professional. Starting up can be difficult, but with good feedback, you'll notice that sales are increasing.


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 An Easy Way to Start a Business on eBay - Dropshipping Through eBay

Trading on eBay with the Dropshipping system is a great choice for anyone who wants to dive into the world of online business. The idea is simple enough: you can find a good product in the supplier's drop shipping directory, add a profit margin and sell this item on eBay. But here are some factors that you need to look at if you want that your prospective customers would choose you instead of your competitors.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As in retail business, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.


  • Loading your goods and its description

Once you've created and set up your account, you can start adding up the goods. eBay is relatively simple, and you can upload your items for free. It is very important to devote time to product names and descriptions. Given a large number of similar products that might compete with your products, these factors can lead to customer choice when it chooses goods from you and your competitors.

If you have the opportunity to create your own high-quality and unique photos, it's really great. Remember that eBay applies a commission fee (8%) of the final sale price, which is paid only after the sale, and it cannot be higher than 200 Eur. Engine category is subject to charges of a different size.

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  • Choose a payment method

You need to choose how you want customers to pay you. There are several choices, but eBay itself recommends the most use of PayPal. In fact, eBay has acquired PayPal, and since this time, has been perfectly synchronized. In addition, PayPal provides many guarantees both from the seller and from the client, as it has a truly fair and efficient dispute settlement system.

When you offer PayPal as your payment method, it usually leads to a potential customer's trust. This company, a pioneer in online payments, has a reputation for being recognized and recommended by millions of users.


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  •  Sale and delivery of the item

When you receive a message that your product has been sold, it's time to send it. It's always advisable to check that your payment has been properly processed before shipping. Once you have made that clear, log in to your administration panel and mark "send" to the order.

In our case, as we conduct Dropshipping, we need to match the order with the supplier and initiate the delivery directly from the supplier to the customer's home. As always, it's important to ensure that it is delivered with your brand name and in a neutral package. The end customer does not need to know (and most likely he would not be happy to know) that you are using the Dropshipping system.

What makes eBay successful - the real value and the real power at eBay - is the community. It's the buyers and sellers coming together and forming a marketplace. - Pierre Omidyar


  • How to Find a Good Product And A Good Dropshipping Supplier

Of course, this is the key to success. Before you learn how to carry out the Dropshipping process yourself, you should decide what products you sell and which Dropshipping supplier you work with. As we discussed, there is fierce competition on eBay and other online retailers. The difference is often due to the small characteristics of the product, and the potential customer focuses on two aspects: price and delivery time. To have both of these aspects optimal, it's important to have a good Dropshipping provider.


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First of all, you need to do research and find a supplier offering attractive cheap products that can be easily sold online. It is very important that you offer competitive pricing to which you can still add your profit margin and still can offer low final prices to the public. There is another way: offer the best fees and fast goods delivery terms, and you can expect potential customers to decide to buy from you.

 If you are going to take a serious deal on Dropshipping, be sure to follow the news. Do not ignore eBay messages. eBay is interested in more sales, and they are doing everything to make more customers on the site. Adapt to the rules as quickly as possible. With this approach, you are undoubtedly a major step towards success. 

On The Final Note

The essential features of a good seller are perseverance, listening and ability to understand the needs of a potential customer, and in search of new markets, it is equally important to get rid of your local mentality and stereotypes.

eBay has never stopped expanding and adopting new solutions. New solutions always affect some kind of changes that sellers need to adapt as quickly as possible. It's very important not to overlook anything, and even worse, ignore it when trading on eBay and creating your own sales business.


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Experiment, make mistakes, and YOU will discover the best eBay markets for your products. And if you are looking for information on where to sell your products online, it's quite good to first sell-through FB groups and forums.

Do not hesitate - the faster you start, the sooner you reach desirable results.  Good luck with finding your place on the digital horizon.



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