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When Micky-the-slanted-Salerno announced about the AI-Themed-Blogging, some bitlanders thought that it is a very limited topic to write about. I admit I thought the same way too.

However, after I wrote my first cblog about AI, How Much Do You Know About Artificial Intelligence?

I realized AI is much closer and more common these days. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is available right at my fingertips.

Yes. It AI is right at your fingertips as well. Namely on the smartphone and other gadgets that you use every day!


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Artificial Intelligence these days are no longer confined to the talking robots and droids that you see in the movies! Or a huge supercomputer that projects a holographic image for an avatar. 

Image Credit: @stux via Pixabay

With the current development of technology today, the computer that needs to run Artificial Intelligence now fits on your cellphone!

AI-Themed Cblog




Image Credit: Screenshot of AI-Themed Cblog: AI Right at Your Fingertips by @artbytes


Interact with this AI-Themed Cblog: AI Right at Your Fingertips learn more about the apps and technology that utilize Artificial Intelligence. You might be surprised that you may have already some if not all of these apps. 

AI-Themed Cblog: AI Right at Your Fingertips by @artbytes


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I hope you enjoyed this interactive c-blog and learned something. 


Thanks for chatting.
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