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[ArtificialIntelligence} THE MATRIX RELOADED Movie Review - Photo credit: thespool, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

Speculation on the subject of virtual-being brings considerable income; it is evidenced by the tremendous box-office success of the story about the Matrix. Of course, long before the appearance of mass culture products, all these things have already been described in numerous interpretations by various philosophers. But, alas, such literature is far beyond the horizons of a simple person. Therefore, it is nice to once again emphasize interesting thoughts in an accessible form.

The second part of the Matrix trilogy - THE MATRIX RELOADED - received very mixed reviews. But not for me. I am still 100% sure that it is the second part that reveals the essence of this trilogy, explaining quite deeply the core of the idea.

The first Matrix was just a breakthrough, a tempting science fiction, and stood out for an unforgettable action. But it also left many questions about how this all works. But the second one surprised me. The creators came up neatly, with great diligence, and commendable zeal.


THE MATRIX RELOADED, Official Trailer - Video credit: youtube 

The Plot

In the second part of The Matrix, Neo (Keanu Reeves), his mentor Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) wage war against the machines.

Six months have passed since Morpheus finally finished searching for his whole life and found the Chosen One whom he had sought for so long and in which he had so unshakably believed, and also from the moment Thomas Anderson, or better known as the hacker Neo, made a choice in the benefit of the red pill and found out how deep is the "rabbit hole".

Zion - the only human city is on the verge of destruction, being under an unprecedented onslaught of machines, the city - a habitat of people in underground places. Neo, whose fate turned out to be the Chosen One, became a symbol of hope and salvation for almost the entire population of Zion, and Trinity, who was destined to love the Chosen One by fate, became his light and source of strength. It is no coincidence that only almost the entire population. At the beginning of history, idealists with an unshakable faith in the Chosen one are opposed by materialists with cold calculation and common sense, who reject the participation in saving the city.

Neo already knows all the power of the Chosen One, but his power acts only within the framework of the Matrix. Machines are gradually finding approaches to Zion, the last city of Mankind. At the time, Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are looking for options on how to confront the enemy inside the Matrix and Pythia gives them a chance that they should try to use.


The film about robots wars: THE MATRIX RELOADED - Photo credit: imdb

The Idea

In the second Matrix film, the characters talked about the good of the matrix, about the fate of man. And here they talk about choice, then again and again.

The goal of Neo and his friends is to find a way to defeat artificial intelligence and save humanity. Nero has to learn so much about the Matrix and even himself. Can Neo cope with this serious task and save the world?

But if in the first part it’s not an action movie - these are explanations rich in meaning and the phenomenon of fundamentally important heroes, then in THE MATRIX RELOADED - these are mostly pathos and bombastic discussions about nothing worthless scenes of human love.

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Watch THE MATRIX RELOADED, and this fantastic movie will take you to an incomparable story in the world of the future, which scares us with its severity. The heroes and I find myself in a fake world of illusions - a world of the matrix where everything is unreal, and heroes, every time how they get there, risk their lives, but everyone has their fate, and everyone has their destiny.

 This time, the confrontation of resistance and machines that enslaved humanity has reached a new level.

The Matrix: Reloaded - although it is not an independent work of art, it develops the idea found in the first film and uses new moves to avoid self-repetition and not slide down to make money again at the box office.


Matrix Trilogy: THE MATRIX RELOADED - Photo credit: jambonburst

Artificial Intelligence in THE MATRIX RELOADED

Now the matrix is more like a world of fantasy or imagination (which contradicts the truth), and the history of the real world takes on all the typical features of the epic story of liberation from the evil machine. And unlike the first part, in RELOADED everything becomes too serious and large-scale. Such a feeling, like a franchise, is losing its critical character, and it becomes dogmatic. In other words, goes to the service of the matrix, assimilating all the typical features of typical simulacra of a fantasy action movie. 

Moreover, moving away from the original concept, realizing the flaws, Wachowski, in principle, quite boldly introduce additional characters designed to deepen the universe of the matrix.

Morpheus:  I remember that for 100 years we have fought these machines. I remember that for 100 years they have sent their armies to destroy us, and after a century of war I remember that which matters most... We are still here! 

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Now, we know about the scale of the resistance of the human race against intelligent computer mechanisms. The main thing was to survive. The ending of the Matrix was hardly screaming about the need for a full-scale armed conflict between the good people and the bad robots. After all, there is a savior, a messiah, the Chosen One - everything is in his hands. But it was not so simple. And Neo, despite his divine power, is still wandering in search of himself and his meaning.


Matrix Trilogy: THE MATRIX RELOADED  - Photo credit: imdb

THE MATRIX RELOADED is already a preparation for the start of the war, which the main characters want to avoid. They understand that they do not have enough strength to save the city and repel the attacks of hunters. The only way to end this whole war is to reboot the entire matrix. It is not so simple to accomplish the plan, because having entered the matrix, the main characters are waiting for crowds of agents.

The second part reveals details of the very essence of the matrix, where there is a struggle for the life of not only people and machines but, as it turns out, entire programs can play their own game understandable only to them. We are more and more immersed in the complex world of computer programs, where there are invisible transitions through which the master of keys helps our heroes to make their way. 


Science Fiction Film: THE MATRIX RELOADED - Photo credit: wall.alphacoders

The Actors And Their Personages

A key role in the plot is played by the Oracle, and, of course, the Architect, who caused serious resonance among fans. Of course, you can criticize each of them, emphasizing the inconsistency of their motives and actions. Everyone on this subject has its theory. To the extent that why the Architect is not Neo himself, a certain error in the program that programmed itself?

But all these guesses are nothing more than fantasy games, and when you need to create a powerful visual canvas, operating with a crowd of thousands and incredible budgets - this is quite another matter. And only the architect himself can create in such a short time an almost revolutionary visual work of art.

The directors could afford to pay less attention to the ideological background because now there is Neo! Forget about Superman; this guy in a stylish coat is completely invulnerable, and even a cloud of bullets or cool masters is not his rivals. His strength comes from the fact that he learned to manage the matrix, but in the real world, he is just a person who is believed in but not all and far from fully. 


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Does Neo himself care about his status? Of course. He understands that everything must be paid for, and he must save the world, but he does not understand how.

Neo seems to be calm, kind, self-confident. But is there genuine willpower in him? Who is he - a charismatic leader, chosen one, and leading to the goal of victory, or executing the will of more influential entities - Morpheus, for example, who, since the time of the first Matrix, has been offering Neo a choice. And Neo makes a choice.

Neo lacks his dialogues with Morpheus. A friend and mentor somehow obscenely went into the shadows, focusing on the duties of the propagandist. The relationship between Neo and Trinity is still a weak link in the trilogy. Although Carrie-Anne Moss in the second film looks more feminine, lovers do not have the main thing - reckless trust in each other.

Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) in the second part showed a still strong, self-confident person, endowed with strength, energy for his goal, mission. In the first part, he was a spiritual and wise leader; we worried about him. And here, we almost do not see him at all. He said just a couple of phrases for the whole film. For the most part, he just walks in the background, and that’s it. I do not understand why needed to eliminate one of the central characters.


Cyberpunk film THE MATRIX RELOADED - Photo credit: dailymotion

Trinity (Carrie- Anne Moss) is a faithful companion and assistant to Neo, and Morpheus, devoted to her friends, associates.

Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) is still a rival to the protagonists. That's the irony of fate! When Agent Smith viciously compared the entire human civilization with a parasitic virus; he could not imagine that after a while, he would become a virus! Now he is just Smith. The ex-agent hates nature, people, other machines; he is not just a malicious program, he is a curse to human intelligence, which made such an existence possible.

The image of The Architect (Helmut Bakaitis) is a key figure, a symbol, the central link of all this, the main leader. Neo must meet with him and receive secret knowledge from him. The figure of the Architect himself is unclear and foggy. Who is he? According to the film, it is a source of knowledge and justice. But who is he? There is the concept of the Architect of the universe, which refers to a specific entity. Didn’t they mean him? So who do the heroes serve, and what did the filmmakers want to unconsciously instill into the subconscious level with all this. The Architect should not be a measure of justice. No need to confuse white and black colors.

Epic Movie Scenes: THE MATRIX RELOADED, Highway Fight Scene - Video credit: youtube

Overall Impression

THE MATRIX RELOADED - the second part of the cult fantastic action movie of the Wachowski brothers. After the grandiose first part, which was released in 1999, the brothers 4 years later release a continuation about the story of the confrontation between humanity and robots. The motion picture, like the first part, gathered a large, successful box office. Unlike the previous film, where the main role in the plot was played by philosophy, this one is more based on elements of an action movie, but it did not ruin the film. Such beautiful visual effects make you admire spectacular fights and shootings.

The unchanged cast also pleases. The same faces pleased us with an excellent fantastic action movie. The sequel surprisingly turned out to be no worse than the first part; there are a few little things, but they are not significant.

The gloomy landscapes of the underground city of Zion with people who believe and hope are replaced by filming in a city where, during an extreme chase in cars show a lot of visual special effects that attract the attention of the viewer, which makes the film look interesting.


bitLanders AI-Themed Blogging: THE MATRIX RELOADED - Photo credit: xataka

The creators of the second Matrix studied the principles of storing, transmitting and processing information in automated systems and talked about the trigger system, the so-called principle of an infinite number of doors, and remembered about self-copying and recursive processes, as well as processes that control recursion and memory leakage. In general, they managed to transfer a lot of interesting things from the theory of computer science to the already real world of the matrix.

The conversation with the architect can be reviewed several times, and each time you can learn something new.

 The creators decided to squeeze out everything possible from the visual part, applying all the technical innovations known at that time, creating a real feast for the eyes. The colossal work of brothers Wachowski and everyone involved in the creation is worthy of the loudest ovations

Regarding the scenario, the first thing needs to say is that the brothers were once again able to maintain the narrative balance inherent in the first filmit harmoniously combines smart dialogs and hand-to-hand fights, active ballistics, and dynamic chases.


Science Fiction Film: THE MATRIX RELOADED - Photo credit: microsoft

Each scene of the picture is made so skillfully and that it is technically important, not leaving the viewer a chance to break away for at least a second, starting with the very first sad scene with Trinity, and then the intensity only multiplies.

We should not miss the fact that we were allowed to admire the delightful only human city at the core of the Earth - Zion, the last bastion of mankind. Wachowski paid considerable attention to his creation: they showed some kind of command and control system, the military defense led by brilliant tactician Commander Lock, technical support - in other words, the entire world order. This is another item that adds exclusivity to the film.

On A Final Note

Matrix changed the minds of many of the audience. It showed how to shoot modern action movies in the 21st century, how can you push off the stereotypes, how to create your unique world. A world with your philosophy, with your heroes and beliefs. And not only.

The ending caused a storm of emotions: well, the prophecy turns out to be a lie; it is just another system of control over people; what will happen next and what is the fate of the Chosen One in reality. Morpheus was right saying that to know the path and go through it is not the same thing. This feeling is beyond words; you just need to watch.


THE MATRIX RELOADED Movie Review - Photo credit: gregoryhuyghe 

In my opinion, the first Matrix needed to be continued, since this Universe is very rich and interesting, and is one of the most complexes. In THE MATRIX RELOADED, the viewer not only learns a lot about the history of the Matrix but also watches how the main character Neo faces a difficult choice, on which, of course, everything depends 

And if you like pictures about virtual reality, the war with robots and films about superheroes, then this film may be to your taste. A series of films about the Matrix has become a cult and has a large army of fans. 

 The Architect: Humph. Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

Credit: imdb

My rating: 7.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 7388/100
Metacritic: 62100
Critics average: 72/100
IMDb: 7.2/10

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