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Ashura is the tenth day of Muharam-ul-Haram (Islamic month), which is a holly day for all Muslims. Celebrity of this day for Shia people is because of Ashura occurrence which happened at the year of 61 Qamari. In this day Prophet Hussain son of Prophet Ali (fourth caliph of Islam) and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his entourage martyred by Umar Sad corps that has sent behalf of Yazid son of Mahawia.

Ashura means (tenth) and is the tenth day of Muharam-ul-Haram, in tenth of Muharam has occurred different occurrences; Allah has saved Prophet Musa from bad plan of Pharaoh in this date, Jesus gone to sky in this date and Prophet Hussain also martyred in this date. This date is holiday in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and India.

This is traditionary that in the time of Yazid reign, Prophet Hussain didn’t allegiance with him because he was a cruel king and had obscene character. Hence, Yazid wrote a letter for the governor of Madina and ordered him to give allegiance from Hussain if he didn’t allegiance then kill him, but Prophet Hussain didn’t allegiance with Yazid because of saving Islam. Therefore Hussain went toward Iraq and Kofa for helping of those people, but the Kofa residents took back their allegiance from Hussain and started oppositions with him. At last Prophet Hussain martyred along with his 72 friends by the enemies of Islam in Karbala place.

Shia people give religious ceremony and mourning for their third imam. In this days there are different custom such as; breast beating, charity and fast. Sunni people also share their grief and condolence with all Muslims and they take fast and give charity for poor.

The message that comes out from Karbala occurrence shows withstands injustice. Women had important role for stability of this religious ceremony and encouraged men to stand against injustice.

By Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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