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Any society is only has strong as the women within it; empowering women, educating women, and making available equal opportunities for women, does a strong community make. A movement of women’s empowerment in Asia includes ensuring that women are able and encouraged to develop and grow as leaders, in their home and in their communities. Empowerment includes helping the women of Asia to realize and eventually reach their potential. Empowerment of Asian women will include reshaping the views and traditional views held of women and their capabilities. 

It has long been proven and shown that gender equality in any society allows the collective group to join forces and intelligence and work to solve large issues. For Asia, an economic boom coupled with the further empowerment of women can mean a solution to closing the economic gap, and ending the fight against hunger and malnutrition. In a country that relies heavily on its import and exports of natural resources and produce, educated and empowered women can lower the population rate as well as improve feeding practices. The nutrition and health of women and children positively contribute to an overall healthier and more stable society. 

Making education opportunities available to women that are enjoyed by men, allowing positions on farms, industrial positions, and companies within Asia available also will strengthen Asia. Entrepreneurship, a voice in the political arena, and a reshaped view of women as equal is the only way to ensure equality and to help Asia become and retain its position as a global leader and powerhouse. For Asia, increased resources, supplies, and food does not automatically ensure a nourished, healthy, and well-balanced society. However, making sure that both adult genders are balanced in power and opportunity is the best and only way to rebuild and maintain Asia and its consisting countries.

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