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Back to Basics- When you apply this to working out, you remove everything. You remove the weights, the supplements, and any and all machines. What you are left with is your body and your workout partners body. That is it. What many people do not know is, this is all you need to get into shape. You may not be able to lift a truck or be able to count each individual muscle fiber sticking out of your skin, but you will be healthy, trim and strong. The Marine Corps has used this knowledge through out history to strengthen their Marines, men and women.  Ill show you the method here on this video blogging site.

In the Corps- The Marine Corps has truly shown me the value of body weight workouts. All through out the three months I spent in boot camp I was put through every kind of body weight workout you can think of. They did not go away when I got to the fleet either. Ill list a few below.

Push ups
Pull ups
Buddy Squats
Dive Bombers
Jumping jacks
Vertical Jumps

These are only a few. These will get you a defined, lean body.  In The Virtual Workout I intend to go into detail on the best ones and have a video to go along with them. These will all be Veteran Blogs.

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