Bacon Asiago Breakfast Pizza

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what you need

1 sheet  (1/2 of 17.3-oz. pkg.), thawedfrozen puff pastry
4 slices  OSCAR MAYER Bacon, crisp cooked and chopped
2 oz.  CRACKER BARREL Asiago Cheese, shredded (about 1/2 cup)
 Seasoning to taste
2 Tbsp.  green onions

make it

PREHEAT oven to 400°. Lightly grease an 11x8 baking dish.

ON a floured surface, gently roll the puff pastry dough until it measures 11 inches in length. Place into baking dish and press gently up the sides of the pan.

BAKE in oven for 8 minutes. Remove from oven. Top evenly with shredded cheese and bacon. Crack an egg near each corner, season to taste and return carefully to the oven. Bake for another 11-13 minutes until eggs are set and edges are golden.



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