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   There's something magical about having your friends come see you band play for the first time ever.  Last night Hard Soul was the featured artist at the open mic held at "KC's Alley" in Ambler, PA.  I had the pleasure of being joined by both newly weds Justin & Shirley Flores, and Dina Bammer.  I've known Dina for most of my life, dating back to t-ball days.  She graced the band with her presence, brought her awesome friend Monica and took some really good photos.  Justin & Shirley are former roommates and judo teammates of mine.  Back in April I took a trip out to CA to see them get hitched.  It was a blast!

  The gig itself was a solid one.  Joined by hired drummer and outstanding individual Michael Hunter, we ran through a few of our original tunes and rocked the joint.  During our set, there was only one microphone set up for us.  Sharing a mic with Johnny for back up vocals was an experience due to the height difference between him and I.  I don/t know how ballerinas pull off standing on their toes as well as they do!  The venue was cool too.  There was an upstairs balcony overlooking the spot where we were playing.

  I'm writing this in the car on the way to Philadelphia where the band has a day off.  We plan to hit up a couple sights and monuments like The Franklin Institute & Rocky steps.  Tomorrow we head off to Boston and commence the second half of this already amazing tour.  Spirits are still high, the groups chemistry is amazing, and the music is solid as always.  We even dubbed ourselves a band mascot "YOLO The Hamster"…Check out the vine video for a proper introduction.  

  In the meantime, check our website , like our page , and follow us on twitter @thehardsoul

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