Basic SEO Ideas to Gain Success in Blogging

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As bloggers, we aim to generate a considerable amount of traffic to our blog. This would mean a higher return on investments. Many of new bloggers are struggling with getting traffic to their sites. This is one of the reasons why most are quitting the blogging field as fast as they started. 


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In reality, generating traffic is a daunting task. It would also take time before we could see results of our hard labor. 

A Short Note on Search Engine Optimization 


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In my previous blog post, we discussed the reasons why we need to learn SEO. On the post, I shared a few lessons such as how the search engine works giving emphasis to its two major functions,  crawling & indexing and providing answers. 

Another blog post related to Search Engine Optimization is understanding how people use the search engines and how it relates to SEO. The post contains relevant information specifically on the behavior of the people when using the search engines especially Google. I even included the list of most popular searches on Google which would guide us in finding a good topic. 

Going further, here are some of the best blogging tips we need to consider when aiming generate a high number of visitors to our blog and eventually gain success in blogging.

On Choosing a Niche


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In simple term, a niche is the main topic of our blog. Blogging is an activity that gives us the freedom to write and express ourselves and therefore it does not restrict us to write whatever topic we want to blog about. However, writing covering broad or different topics might not be favorable in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  When starting a blog, we might think that writing about different topics would be better than sticking to one specific topic. 

However, Shout-Me-Loud has its own stand on this. 

Search engine optimization, particularly for a blog that is created and maintained as a source of income, is very important. To maintain good SEO, your blog should have a single focus.

In order to gain a good following and increase the number of returning visitors, having a single topic would be the best thing to consider. 


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On a personal thought. though having a multiple-niche blog might be difficult to gain a good following and somehow not favorable to SEO, it does not necessarily mean that we couldn't be successful with a multi-topic blog.  I should say if you are comfortable with it, then go for it. Besides, the main reason for blogging is expressing yourselves and by doing that, you could consider yourself as successful as well. It may take a little longer but it is still possible.

Choosing a Domain


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In the simplest explanation, a domain name is your site's address on the internet. Having a name that can be easily recalled is crucial in setting up a domain. A good name makes a good brand

Here are some tips on choosing a domain name:

  1. Choose a name that is easy to remember - When choosing a domain name, we should keep in mind to choose a name that would be easier for people to remember. 
  2. Make it unique and brandable - People would usually retain unique information thus, having a unique name which would represent our brand is a great option. 
  3. Keep it short - short domains can be easily remembered.
  4. Choose a name that says about your product - Your domain name should be related to your product. 
  5. Use a Keyword - keywords can help to increase SEO of the domain. 
  6. Always use a .com extension - When using Top Level Domain (TLD), we should, if possible, choose .com  extension because it is the most recognizable and most prestigious TLD.

Choosing a Theme


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With a lot of themes available online nowadays, we should be careful when selecting a theme for our site. One of the things to consider is the theme we are going to use. Make sure that the theme we got is SEO-friendly, beautiful and easy to navigate. It is also important to note that we might encounter some issues along our blogging activities, thus, having the developer's contact information would be a crucial thing to consider. 

Our Content and Meta Data


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One of the things that an individual sees on a site is the navigation menu. Make sure that our site is easy to navigate. Contents should be high quality. Here are some of the things to remember:

  1. Post length - the length of a blog post is one thing to take into consideration for search engine optimization. Orbit Media made a point that having a longer blog post get a better result. basic_seo_ideasImage Credits:
  2. Post Frequency - the more visible we are, the more chances of having our contents 
  3. Internal Links - it is advisable to have at least three links to our other blogs posts.


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  1. External Links - linking to other blog posts is one essential strategy in establishing relevancy. 
  2. Images - having images can help posts rank better in search engines. it is advisable to have relevant images on a blog post. 
  3. Image Sizes - while having images is an important factor, please do take note that it can affect the speed of the loading of our sites. So we have to reduce the size of our images.
  4. Alt Tag - It is important to include the target keyword on the images to help search engines in finding the images.
  5. Image Description - this will help not only the post ranked in Google but also the images in Google Images. So, it is imperative to include a description of the images in our post. 

On the final thought...

Blogging success is something that should be given an attention, effort and would entail a lot of hard work. The list of the things that we should consider in order to create an SEO- friendly blog is long and wide that we couldn't cover the entire topic in one blog post. 

Stay tuned for more blogging tips that we could use with our sites in order to achieve success in blogging. 

Here is another video showing how to learn SEO with Neil Patel's secret method for Search Engine Optimization. Enjoy watching!

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