Why On-Page SEO need for every website?

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Hi everyone, If you really want to know about SEO importance and value in Industry!

then you are at right place. 

First, we should know that what is SEO? and how it actually works for our products.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

There are 3 types of SEO tactics:

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Gray hat SEO

We will discuss these types later. 

Let's take an example to understand,

I have a website which is named as codeiographers and I want to rank on the first page of google search engine. So the actions have been done by me to rank our website on top of Google SERP is known as SEO. Here are two steps to do SEO for your website.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO


On-page SEO:  On-page is SEO is nothing but optimize your page in Coding part, here I tell what is the task I did for my website.

  • Title tag: Title tag is very important for SEO purpose, In title tag section we have to use our targeted keyword. and when we create a title for the page, try to create within 60-65 characters (including spaces)

  • URL: In URL's section also we should use our targetted keyword an one more important thing while creating a URL's make it simple and understandable.

    For example: 

    In above example, I have mentioned two different URL's and you can see which one is easy to understand, So when you create a URL make it simple.

  • Description tag: In the description, write the summary of your page with targetted keywords and when we create a description for the page, try to create within 150-10 characters (including spaces). This is my personal experience and also working properly.

  • H1 tag: Use your targetted keyword in H1 tag and don't create more than one H1 tags on one page, Otherwise google will count it as spam. and do it same as H2 H4 also.

  • Alt tag: Alt tag is also very important like TUD(Title, URL's, Description). When you use an image on your website don't forget to mention alt attribute. and also use your targetted keyword in the ALT tag.

  • Image Optimization: Image optimization is also a very important topic in On-page SEO. If visitors click on your website and some of the images take more time to open then google bots will not refer to your website on top of google results.

    So whenever using an image first optimize it and then use for your website.

  • Canonical Issue: Every SEO Executive should know about Canonical for example; I have a website named as codeiographers and I type on google through different URL's.


    All the URL's should redirect to single URL. The result page should open only through a single URL's, If your website opens through the all different URL's it means you have the canonical issue. 

  • Reduce Bounce rateWhen visitors visit your website and he didn't find the content similar he searches Then he will jump from your website as soon as possible. In this scenario, Google will increase your Bounce rate.

    Let's understand through an example:

    If you are a visitor and entered a keyword "web development company in Chennai" and when result displays if there will be a website which is ranking on top of Google SERP. The users click on the website and he finds that this is training center for "Web development", So user will leave that website at the same time. In these cases, your bounce rate will be high.

  • Correct grammar and spellings: When we write an article for our blog we should check the spellings and grammar error carefully, Because if there will be some wrong spellings and Grammar error, Then Google will not understand your content. In this case, Google will leave your page and display other websites.

    So we can use Grammarly to avoid Spellings error and Grammar mistake.

  • Keyword Density: When you write an article on your website, make sure don't use your targetted keywords more than 3-4 %.

    In simple terms, If you are writing the article around 500 words use your keyword around 8-10 times, So it will be easy to rank.

  • Robots.txt: We upload Robots.txt when we want that any page of our website should not rank Like No one want that his admin panel rank, To avoid these issue we need to write few lines of coding and save it as .txt format and name the file name as robots.txt. Here I will tell how you can write,

    When you want to index everything of your website, you can use this:

    User-agent: *


    User-Agent: *
    Allow: /

    When you want to disallow everything of your website, you can use this:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

    When you want to disallow a specific page, you can use this:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /page-name

  • Sitemap.xml: Sitemap.xml is a very important task for On-Page SEO, where you can generate sitemap.xml for your website and then upload that file in root folder of your directory.

  • Unique Content: When you create an article for your blog or website you should use your own words I want to say that don't copy the content from some other website and paste it into your website. Google will count it as duplicate content and then your page has very less chance to rank on Google's first page. avoid using duplicate content.


Apart from this, we should set up Google Webmaster tool, Google analytics.

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