BATTLEFIELD 1- The unknown or forgotten story of World War 1

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If you love video games then you will know that the best games released in the past is still alive and will alive in the future. Today I will be telling you about Battlefield 1 which is one of the best action games.Battlefield 1 is not only a video game but its the unknown or forgotten story of world war 1. The game is developed on the stories of World War 1. It's a first person shooter game. The best things I like in this game are it's graphics ,multiplayer mode and single-player or campaign mode. Another game of Battlefield series is Battlefield Hardline, which was released before Battlefield 1. But Battlefield 1 is much better than Battlefield Hardline to me. What is your favorite one? Let me know in the comment section! Battlefield 1 is developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts(EA). It is produced by Aleksander Svensdsen Grondal and designed by Daniel Berlin. Battlefield 1 is one of the best selling games. I think maybe this the best way to tell the stories of world war 1 to the new generation.

 Battlefield 1 Release

Battlefield 1 official launch trailer. Video Credit: Battlefield 1 official website via youtube

Battlefield 1 was released on 21st October,2016 for the popular platforms out there - windows, ps4 and Xbox one. Although the trailer of Battlefield 1 was released on 2nd July,2016 and got likes over 2 million. It was the most liked trailer on youtube.



Battlefield 1 Gameplay. Video Credit:theRadBrad via youtube

Battlefield 1 is developed on the stories of world war 1. It tells us the stories and shows us the whole picture of world war 1,where over 60 million soldiers fought for their countries. Everything is just like before it was ,the vehicles, the tanks ,the planes ,the armored trucks and the trains are as same as like it was before one hundred years ago. and the weapons also. I can remember the name of some weapons like bolt-action rifles, GEWEHR 98, AUTOMATICO ML918 TRENCH etc. and there is another thing which is very special, the Melee combat. You can use sabre or shovels to fight your enemy. Another interesting thing is you can ride Horse in some missions. Battlefield 1 is divided into two modes- Multiplayer and Campaign. There are 10 maps included in the multiplayer mode by 18/02/2017 but more maps will be coming on the future. The multiplayer maps included Giant's shadow, Ballroom Blitz, Argonne Forest, Fao Fortress, Suez, The Quentin Scar, Sinai Desert, Amiens, Monte Grappa and Empire's Edge and upcoming map in the future "They shall not pass"(March 2017). There will be six  mode in multiplayer Conquest, Domination, Operations, Rush, War Pigeons and Team Deathmatch. I will tell about Campaign mode in a moment in the "Battlefield 1 story(campaign)" section.

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Battlefield 1 Story(campaign)

alt_ Battlefield 1 campaign (singleplayer) mode. Image credit:battlefield 1 official site

 There are six chapters in the campaign mode of Battlefield 1. Those are -

  •  Storm of Steel

  • Through Mud and Blood

  • Friends in High Places

  • Avanti Savoia

  • The Runner

  • Nothing is written

 Now let me tell the story-

1.Storm of Steel: The player fights with German soldiers, as a frontliner, in the first scene. You will play storm of steel by the perspective of different players. Firstly, the German take control over the British ground. The British fights with German with their tanks also be destroyed by an artillery. At the end when the soldier open his eyes, he saw a German soldier standing in front of him. They point their gun on each other but they points down their guns, as they realize the futility of the war.

2.Through Mud and Blood: The player and his companions will go through the German line and destroy the artillery positions with Mark V Tank, as a driver. And after that they will reach the French town of Cambrai.

3.Friends in High Places: Clyde Blackburn, an American pilot and gambler steals the plane of a British pilot, George Rackham. Blackburn fights against the German fighter planes with Wilson in Battlefield 1 story.

4.Avanti Savoia: In this Battlefield 1 story, Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola, an Italian army, recalls his memories on his birthday. The story is about his brother Matteo and himself. They both took part to find an Austro-Hungarian fortress. At the end of the war he found his brother ,Matteo ,dead.

5.The Runner: The story is with an Australian message runner, Fredrick Bishop. In the first scene he meets with an inexperienced young boy Jack Foster. This Battlefield 1 story is about Fredrick Bishop and Jack Foster's fight against Ottomans.

6.Nothing is written: This story is about the fight of Lawrence of Arabia, an British intelligence officer and the Ottomans, who has ruled over 400 years on the most pf Arabia. The player will control Zara Ghufran, an Arabian lady warrior. Zara Ghufran defends and destroys an armed train. At the end Zara Ghufran joins Lawrence at the war of Suez Canal. 


Zara Ghufran in "Nothing is written". Image credit :



 Battlefield 1 System Requirements

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 You can follow the minimum Battlefield 1 system requirements for pc but its better to follow the recommended Battlefield 1 system requirements because in the future if EA add some more cool things to it you can use them too more smoothly.

1.Battlefield 1 system requirements (Minimum):

OS - 64-bit windows 7/8.1 and 10

processor - AMD FX-6350 or Intel i5 6600k


storage - 50GB

Graphics card - AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB or Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2 Gb

Direct x - 11

2.Battlefield 1system requirements (Recommended):

OS - windows 10 or later

processor - AMD FX 8350 Wraith or Intel core i7 4790

RAM - 16 GB

storage space - 50 GB

Graphics card- AMD Radeon RX 480 4 GB or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 3 GB

Direct x -11.1


Battlefield 1 Reviews


let's have a look what publications giving their reviews about Battlefield 1.

 Review score

                                                                                     Publication                                                    Score

                                                                                     Destructoid                                                   8/10

                                                                                     EGM                                                             8/10

                                                                                    Game Informer                                              9.25/10

                                                                                     Gamespot                                                    9/10

                                                                                     IGN                                                              9/10

                                                                                     PC Gamer(US)                                            89/100

                                                                                    Polygon                                                          9/10

Above data is found from: in the reception section

 alt_ Image Credit : battlefield 1 official site


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