Bazaars :the fascinating markets of the muslem world…2

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The western come to Afghanistan and other Asian countries they soon discovered that they like testing  the goods before  they buy them. probably the biggest difference  between central  Asian  and middle  eastern  and western shopping  tradistions  is the bargaining .


ever where in the west ,stores sell goods at fixed prices .A shopkeeper would be annoyed  if you asked him to sell you  something at a price  lower than  the one shown  on the price  tag. therefore ,westerners  do not really understand  bargaining and it is a difficult skill  for them to learns.



Many of them either  pay the first price  the shopkeeper asks for or just  walk away because they think the price  is too high. however bargaining  is a tradition  that makes the bazaar seem  even more foreign and fascinating to a westerner.

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