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Today early morning, i wake up with a idea that  if i am not motivated from earning my income from working for others, i am better off creating my own source of income.

Film annex is a way to earn from my movies. Recently i started a t-shirt shop but it's not as easy as it seem. Then a few days ago, i come upon a game making software known as 'Construct' which creates html5 games. I used to make simple games and unfinished ones from flash so i am quite experienced with how programming works.

One of my visions include creating action games, i am inspired to see it happen. And it can be my other source of income. The only challenge is that i am having too much food on my plate.

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Hi, My name is Choo Bin Yong. I have been making movies since 2005. I started with making flash animations and really love the audiences' feedback for them. I just love seeing the reaction and feeling the anticipation. Gradually i wanted to be better. I applied to a art school…

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