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Welcome to "Beginner's Guide to BitLanders : The Buzz Score (Part 2)"!

Have you finished reading Part 1? If you haven't read it yet, you may refer to the link at the end of this blog for part one. 

To fully understand the whole buzz score thing, we need to remember these two terms every time we log in to bitLanders: the bitMiles loyalty points and the buzz score trend.

(1) bitMiles loyalty points

The official currency unit of bitLanders earnings is bitMiles (BM) loyalty points or BM points for short. Its conversional units are gBM points, kBM points, and USD. I will show you how much BM points equate to gBM points, kBM points, and most importantly, to USD.

1 gBM = 1,000 kBM

1,000 kBM = 1,000,000 BM

approximately 1$ = 1,000,000 BM

approximately 1$ = 1 gBM

To find out the total amount of your earnings in gBM points, go to your profile page and look at the gBM icon at the top right part of your page. The number to its right is your total earnings in gBM.

Here is a sample image of gBM icon with the total earnings written as "_ _ _" in the picture below. It is boxed in red.

Screen shot source:

(2) the buzz score trend

The buzz score trend is simply the pattern of your buzz score on a daily basis. If you want to track your own buzz score for every day, the buzz score trend is of the best use.

*Don't know where it is? Follow these steps to find it!

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As the picture shows, the buzz score trend also shows us the two main components of our buzz score: the direct powerups a.k.a. buzz bonus (in orange) and the base buzz (in blue).


a. Direct powerups

The direct powerups are just temporary add-on to your base buzz to be able to arrive at the thing called buzz score. I mentioned 'temporary' because most of the direct powerups we acquire only last for a short period of time ranging from three days to a week or more. Most powerups are obtained by purchasing items from the store and donating to charities giving us +1, +3, or any certain amount of buzz bonus depending on the items we're buying or donating. However, there is another form of "fixed" direct powerups. Provided that you do these activities everyday, bitLanders will give you 24 daily direct powerups in return. What are these activities? These are the activities that are found in the Daily quests section. 

Screen shot source:

b. Base buzz

Probably what's more important than direct powerups is the base buzz which is related to the contents that we post. The base buzz tends to be more permanent than direct powerups because unlike the latter, the base buzz doesn't go down immediately because we don't just get it from buying or donating items. That is the reason behind all users trying their best to increase their base buzz because it is the building block of their overall buzz score. How do they increase it fast? By submitting blogs, movies, and galleries for review.

REMEMBER: Only contents that have been rated 2 to 5 stars after getting reviewed will be counted in the buzz score.

*These are jvanity1's 5 star blogs:

*Here are also some of his 4 star blogs:

*And his 3 star galleries too:

Screen shots source:

To tell you honestly, i'm not really sure if submitting movies and galleries can help us a lot because I've tried submitting galleries but the results were not as what I've expected. There was a little increase only. As for movies, i haven't tried submitting one yet so I'm not so sure if it could help a lot too (Oh wait. You can also ask Sir alexander-trapp for he is a filmmaker!).

Having said that, submitting blogs for review seems to be the most recommended method to use. PROVEN EFFECTIVE. Take it from my experience. I reached a high buzz score mainly because of submitting blogs.

The best tip that I can give you (from my own opinion):

Start submitting blogs to increase your base buzz. If you get to increase your base buzz, you'll get to increase your buzz score way higher and firmer. When you have the highest possible buzz score you can ever have (ex. 170-200), you'll have the biggest earnings you can ever have too (2$-6$ / >6$)! So start writing and submitting blogs now!

But before you go..... One last thing....

I recommend that you don't spend those free gems that you won from the Quests box in purchasing or donating items immediately.

*Just to remind you again, the Quests box:

Screen shot source:

I don't mean that you shouldn't use the free gems on those things immediately but it can be safer to use them on submitting blogs first. Why? Because if you use them immediately on other things, you might run out of free gems. TAKE NOTE (AGAIN): Submitting contents for review requires 10 gems. If you don't have the enough amount of gems, you cannot submit your contents for review. Free gems are crucial for you as a beginner for they could either make or break you. And no, there will never be another set of free gems again. They come only once

You will be given with 21 free gems at the start of your journey. Normally, they can accommodate two to three content submissions (Some gems will be given back to you right after the review) and that's already good enough for earning. Twenty-one gems are a good start for you!

BUT if you really want to use all of your free gems on other things, the second best option is to wait for your earnings to accumulate to at least 3 gBM for you to be able to buy the smallest number of gems (25 gems) on sale. Even so, the accumulation of earnings to 3 gBM will probably take a long time. 

*Everyday, bitLanders will give you a treasure box. Open it to receive your earnings.

Screen shot source:

*Usually the box comes out at around 9:00 PM (Philippines time). Don't forget to open it so that you can save your earnings up to 3 gBM.

Remember that as a starter, you will be receiving very low earnings yet. The accumulation of earnings until 3 gBM could take two weeks, three weeks, one month, etc. That I can't really tell. It's going to be a long to a very long wait. So you decide: (1) Spare the free gems for content review or (2) just spend them all on other things but just wait for your balance to reach 3 gBM. I leave the decision to you.


Now that you finally have the idea on how this site works in terms of buzz score, then it's time for you to work on your way though this virtual road and experience how it is to earn through this wonderful platform. It may not be easy but as long as you read this blog by heart, then it will be okay. It will eventually become easier to navigate though this website and with confidence, you can say, "Ah.... I can do it!".

This has been your bitLanders buddy, jvanity1 at your service. Did I miss something? Please tell me. We all start from there so I know how you feel. Now start pumping up, work hard, and never give up. Are you ready to conquer the world? Well yeah, once again, welcome to bitLanders, the home of avatars where you can earn money, FOR REAL. :)

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