Benefits of a Querlo Chat You're Probably Not Aware Of

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Online Marketing is continuously improving over the years. This can be observed through various innovations in the marketing field. Every company has a goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. Thus, creating a system to serve them continuously is one of the priorities of different companies in the world today.

With their aim to gain more, many businesses and companies are adopting the power of Artificial Intelligence in their business activities. 

One of the most powerful systems adopted by different companies is the use of a chatbot. This AI-powered interactive system can help companies in generating data that will help them in providing the best service for their clients. Among the companies in this field of modern marketing strategies is a marketing and technology firm known as "Querlo".



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Querlo is a consulting and marketing technology firm that provides “artificial intelligence" solutions and data management, focusing on the study of human sentiment and emotion. A team of American and Italian technologists with offices in USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Source

Consider yourself as a client looking to buy a car from a company which you found online. You may want to ask something about their products but not every time, somebody could be available to assist you. With a Querlo Chat embedded on the website, you had a chance to inquire about the product through the interactive Querlo Chat. Thus, your queries might have been partially answered and you can expect to be provided with more information in the future. This is the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Here is an example of a Querlo Chat embedded in a website.

Using an interactive chatbot in social media and our blogs is undeniably helpful in improving the business. Below is a Querlo Chat I created which explains the benefits of having  Querlo Chats either we share those in social media or on our blogs.


Image Credits:  Sharon Lopez via

(Screenshot of the actual Querlo Chat)

Learn more about Querlo Chat by interacting with me in this Chat. You may opt to visit the link directly for a full-screen interaction. Visit this LINK.

On the final thought:

As individuals in the business field, we need to aim for continuous innovation. Technology is one of the most amazing inventions of human and we should make the most of it for our development.

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