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A study group can be helpful when you are trying to gain any kind of information concepts and preparing for class discussions & tests. You can read to learn about the benefits of a study group. Then also to learn how to start a study group and the characteristics of a successful study group. But group studying can also have its pitfails, so alot of factors need to be considered.

* A support group can lift you when you find that your mind to study is slipping away. Each and every member of the group can act as encouragments to each other. *You might be a shy person who does not like to be very open infront of public. A peer in your group could perhaps help you & encourage you. *Your group members are relying on you for alot of things so you will be prepared to work on time. *If you are unable to understand a factor, a member of your group could perhaps help you.

* You learn alot of valuable factors from other group members.. GETTING A GROUP STARTED.... Before preparing a group together, get to know your friends. Making sure they are sensible & dedicated candidates. Its quite an important issue.. Invite enough people to be part of your group. Not to many, and not to less. Generaly about 5/6 members should be sufficiant. Decide how often & for how long you will meet. Carefuly decide what is to be discussed and what your goals are to be. Having a voting system for a designated person i,e a responsible person in charge. Having a list ready of all the members names/ numbers / home adresses is a good thing to keep. Now lets all face it,,, we dont like studyin so why not make it interesting and try something new!!!!!

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