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Pure Vs Applied Science
Animals In Medicine And Science
A Mile In Our Shoe
Sherlock Holmes: A Study In Scarlet
The ATMA Study - scientific investigation…

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How can success exam?


Now a days many of students are trying to cheat with teacher to copy the paper, but I will susggest them not to write as the process……

by citygirl

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Study in China

Emaan Khan

..........Apply to Study M.B.B.S in China ..............There are limited seats in March season 2016 Medical Universities in China……

by emaan-khan-6366

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My Info

hamza ayan

Hello, i am Hamza ayan. i am student of university of the  punjab lahore. i am doing my mcs.  i want to become a software……

by hamza-ayan

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Danial Afridi

AC GENERATOR Principle : A.C. generators or alternators (as they are usually called) operate on the same fundamental principles of……

by Danial-Afridi

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In La Serena volunteers support an orphanage/children's center. Currently the center offers nursery to about 20-25 underage children,……

by mirza1988

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Education is one of the basic acclivities in all human societies. The word education is derived from the Latin word educate which……

by abdullahbutt

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learn English

My Hat Tieu

Hello everybody My name is Diem My. I participated bitlanders 2 months In addition to income earned here was a game to help me improve……

by my-hat-tieu

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Self introduction

Nadeem Ali

I begin with name of Allah who is the most Rehman and raheem ..Assalam-o-Alaikum! My name is nadeem Ali and you can call me nadeem.……

by Nadeem7201

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Ray Anthony Mina

History - What Did You Do Yesterday? Today?   Image source:     "What's history?" Willie asked. Willie's……

by rex_sensei

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My Life Story

Arsalan Chohan

my name is arsalan and i am 17 years old and i am start my study in pakistan city karachi my first school name maria model sec school……

by arsalan-chohan

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Fahad Ali Amjad

I am student of virtual university and see my mark of assignment apply for virtual study and earn your knowledge by simple. 1. see……

by bitlander-trick

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Masum Ahmad Iqbal

Culture is a key word in anthropology, but theorists emphasize different aspects. In general terms, we can define culture as all those……

by masum-ahmad-iqbal

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Student Life


Today I am going to write about a life which is the best part of everybody's life. Everybody has different stages of life. When a……

by Muhammad989

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Method of Study

Psyco Sam

Method of Study     These days, there can be no knowledge without work. Study is much needed for the acquisition of knowledge.……

by psyco-sam

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Libraries have become a need of the day. Many public in libraries have thousands books, magazines fictions and daily newspapers.The……

by akmal484

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  Book is a good friend in my life because I study book s but I give some advice from books inside books is more information……

by bahmanbarekzai

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AFghan  men expect  uneducated mothers  to  raise educated children. But how it can be possible? This is an important……

by ravina

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Study in Italy

masood khan

Most of the writers on Film Annex forum are students. That’s why it becomes my duty to inform all of my friends about all the……

by masood-khan

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