Men, girls not completely different however alike : Study

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A new study reveals that men and ladies are much more similar than one thinks.

Men could also be thought of as sex-driven and sports fans WHO seldom share their feelings, whereas girls are thought-about neurotic gossipers WHO like to search. however the new United States study suggests that really men and ladies are additional alike than the majority realise, reports

Iowa State University came to the present conclusion once analysing a hundred temperament characteristics according by twelve million folks.

Their study found associate degree nearly eighty per cent overlap between men and ladies for over seventy five per cent of the according psychological characteristics analysed, as well as risk taking, stress and morality.

"This is vital as a result of it suggests that once it involves most psychological attributes, we have a tendency to ar comparatively just like each other as men and ladies," aforementioned Zlatan Krizan, associate degree professor of science at ISU.

"This was true in spite of whether or not we have a tendency to checked out psychological feature domains like intelligence; social temperament domains like temperament traits; or at well being like satisfaction with life," more Krizan.

The similarities were additionally consistent in spite of age and over time.

The researchers did, however, realize some attributes within which there was a major gap between men and ladies. for example, men were additional aggressive and masculine, whereas girls had {a closer|a better|a additional in-depth} attachment to peers and were more sensitive to pain.

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