Was I Scared or Respectful of Adults?

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When I a teenager, I had been brought up to call any adult by their proper title. - either Mr or Mrs. I would never have used a Christian name when talking to an adult.

At school, I was almost fearful of the teachers as there was an accepted strictness that reigned supreme. Punishments were the cane on the back of the legs or if lucky a rap on the hand. Not many people broke the rules in my school.

When I look back to those days, 'strict' is still the best way to describe it. I can't remember ever answering an adult back out of turn. I wouldn't have dared to have sworn either.

We were not allowed chewing gum in school. Make up and jewellery was banned in my school too. I recently saw a TV programme about a school and the girls were plastered in make-up, swearing at teachers and completely defying them. Rights for kids eh?

I wonder if I was scared or respectful, but I suspect there was an element of both. I had it drummed into me by my parents what was acceptable and what wasn't. Why are some parents not doing this any more, and if they are trying, why aren't the teenagers listening?


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