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Book is a good friend in my life because I study book s but I give some advice from books inside books is more information but study books and give more

information from books. Books is very intrusting every person like books every person like books every person study books every day because they are like

books they are understands books is very great for give nice information from books. I have a lot of books but different books . ex. Chemistry books.Historical books animal books.women books math books. Physics book . etc.but the are different books but people like study different in every week some time people study different books but me study every day chemistry books in free times because I like chemistry books . and I study English books but I like english books very very because English is my life every day I study english I love english


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bahman barakzai was born in nimroz province Afghanistan,graduated fram Riaz high school in 2007 in Herat bahman graduated fram computer Science in Herat

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