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Alright this is the story of the stupid person, I mean me, who was a frank and lovely guys, I mean used to be but now isn't. Sometime in life you have to face a lot of problems that changes you. A lot of problems that change your personality, your way of talking , your way of thinking , your way of living , your way of studying , your way of understanding , your way of looking , your way of all the things which I have mentioned and which I have forgotten to mentioned about. Dear Fellows this is the story of me, this is the story of myself, this is the story of that person who used to be the most jolliest person in the family, who used to be the most funny and innovative person in the family & friends, who used to love people, who used to care people, who used to understand people a lot, who used to respect people a lot. This story is quite long which I am still trying to make it as short as I can. And the only reason to make it short is that the more I will write that more I will fall in the movie and it will make me more and more hurt.

Sometime in life you are not able to those things which should be done at the very right moment, but unfortunately people are not able to do those things at the right time.
Let me start and continue this story from the word " I " because this my story, and in the start I want to show you who I am , adding couple of my pictures here on BITLANDERS blog will make it simple for having my sketch because people do says that I am very much read able by my face.

Here is my picture, when I started my second semester, such a good days , things were very good in that time , happy fellows , nice teachers and then one day .. Everything was totally vanished.
I had a scariest dream every night I sleep , I don't know why , but it did happened all the time to me , I used to saw my teachers in my dreams, making very weird faces and telling me that I won't be able to get out of this semester :(

So in the first picture I am trying to make a good action in which I just want to show that I can be a good picture boy, I can even make things right, but let’s hope for the better things to come in future =D. 
By the way don't forget to tell me that how do I look like in my first picture, can I be a good actor or a model?

So in the next picture, just trying to show that I can be a good photographer as well, I can take out good picture and can be a good camera man as well, but unfortunately that is not my camera so I am not the owner of it, sometime I just think what I am writing, when mostly people don't even read what we have write in our blog, but only for getting good stars at the blogs post we are making such a kind of long posts don't know it will work or not , but let's hope so ..


So in this picture just want to show that I can be a good listener as well, oh just forget to tell you that I am a radio jockey as well, Jockey or joker =D doesn't matter, by the way who do care about that, here I want to add couple of my RJ posters in the post, hope you guys will really like it..

All of these posters above are mine , and I have been doing shows in UMT-RADIO since April 2014 till now, it's been so longs but seriously I haven't learn much.
Playing the songs all time, listening them enjoying them, this all is just awesome "Sari night Baysharmi ki height”. Things often get scary at radio, but this is the trick of stupid RJ I mean radio jokers, or jockeys whatever, how they handle the things. If you can handle things good, you can do good, otherwise you may get flop in this business. 

By the way it's not a business but still great things to enjoy. 
Here I want to add a video now, which I captured while doing interview, hope you guys will really enjoy it.

Yes as I said before, things get scary usually but it's the way how an RJ handle the situation, and I really hope so that you have enjoyed my stupid posts and the auntie at BITLANDERS will like my post and give it a 5 stars. 

Happy Ending .. 
Stay blessed

Love you all

Pakistan zindabad

And I am adding two more videos, Make them also your concern.

It's about when Zaid Ali T Acted as a mom and his friend acted as a child and they lost in a market and then found each other.

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And here is one more, make it your concern, Have a nice day. Enjoy

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