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Android phones have become one of the hottest selling mobiles today. These Android phones come with many useful apps that keep users entertained as well as carry out many tasks with ease. One of the most attractive features of many Android phones is the large display that makes Internet browsing a piece of cake. These phones come with a default browser is Google's V8 engine for Android, that gives a satisfying user experience. However, there are other browsers apart from Internet Explorer ie6 that you can download and use as your default browser for Android. Let us have a look at few of the best browsers for Android that will make your browsing experience more fun.

Best Web Browsers for Android

Many people prefer using the plain, old default Internet explorer for Android without any frills. Some go ga-ga over glamorous browsers that provide new themes and many other multi-functional options. There are plenty of useful other browsers available for Android that vouch for the users attention. Let us have a look at some of these new, improved and better mobile browsers for Android.

Dolphin Browser
I am an Android user myself and was very impressed by the Dolphin Browser. The interface is very user-friendly and the most attractive feature is the browsing speed as well as the tab options. It enables you to navigate between different windows without opening a new window. Another feature that I simply love in Dolphin Browser is the use of gestures that I can use to navigate on the browser. If I wish to open a new tab, all I need to do is draw 'T' on the display screen and a new tab opens. There are many such similar gestures that with a simple stroke with the finger will help me enter my commands. This browser uses Google as its default search engine.

Opera Mini
Most mobile phone users love using Opera mobile browser. If you are an Android user, you too can get access to Opera Mini browser on your phone. It has a really good user interface, look, as well as design. One of the most trusted mobile web browsers it comes in different versions that suits your needs. It has a speed dial feature that allows you to enter 9 shortcuts and access them with just a click. This browser too boasts of a tab feature and a built-in search bar. However, this browser is not as customizable like the Dolphin Browser and has comparatively less speed than the default browser. It gives only Google search results and has not multi-zoom options.

Firefox Mobile Browser a.k.a Fennec Browser
Firefox has launched the Fennec web browser for Android phones as well as a few select Nokia phone models. It gives similar speed levels as Opera and has the feature of opening new tabs. You can add mobile Add-Ons to make your browsing experience better. It has other features such as bookmarks, homepage customization, etc. Don't count on the zoom in function on Fennec.

Skyfire Browser
Another good browser for Android phones is Skyfire Browser. However, I did not find it as impressive as Dolphin Browser or Opera Mini. However, this browser is able to support flash player and play flash videos on YouTube, Yahoo, etc. It allows one to bookmark favorite pages, search in the address bar on the top and as a new feature called the Explorer Button. This button is right at the bottom of the screen that helps you get the latest news from social networking sites.

Miren Browser
The Miren Browser was also able to catch my interest as it comes in very impressive colors and professional look. This browser has a multi-tab feature along with 9 tab shortcut option on the home page. It tends to list top 10 sites as you search and gives you RSS feeds. It also comes with a gesture option and customizable interface.

This was some information related to different browsers apart from the old faithful Internet explorer for Android phones. You can also use the Internet explorer - ie6 apart from these best browsers for Android. The word is, Internet Explorer 9 too will soon be launched for better browsing experience for Android phones. So, apart from the default web browsers, you have plenty of options to enjoy your Internet searches on Androids.

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