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It's been a while since the last time i wrote a blog here, and because of that i really don't know where to start once again. Until now, so i wanted to share to you another blessing happened to me.

It has been 2 weeks after me and my bestfriend entered a contest in Facebook. It was held by one of my Favorite Christian Bookstores, OMF Literature. And what was the contest about? It was about, If you will able to have  chance to have a coffee or tea with 3 fictional characters, who is it and what are you going to talk about. So i got really excited because i love fiction books! And what is the prize of it? Oh it is just a Complete set of The Chronicles of Narnia book! Yeah i know right? (If you love Narnia and C.S. Lewis, it was a good prize)

So i entered the contest and informed my bestfriend who also loved Narnia and C.S Lewis of course. So i wrote my entry right away and sent it to them! That is how excited i am, that i wasn't able to review my entry again. (Oh i love impromptu blog). 

So after 2 weeks last June 29 they announced the winner of it. Unfortunately i am not the one who won the grand prize. (I know it hurts, but i'll invest to it soon). But! They choose another 7 to have a consolation prize of a random book and a free ebook. So yeah, i am still happy! I just hoped that, the book will be sent to me is the book entitled "Old Fashioned" it seems like a great book!

Here's my entry: 

SavedByHisUndyingLove ❤

  So yeah that was all! Thank you for Reading! :)



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