ITP Weekly Blog #11 - The Dark Writer Rises (and another contest!)

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Yeah, I failed. 

In my last blog, I mentioned how I was going on this epic quest to try and animate the rest of my Emina episodes before my GoAnimate subscription was up. 

It didn't work out. I bit off way more than I could chew. 

So there I sat at the end of December, with only Emina Episode 12 completed, and not much else going on. I was defeated, deflated, and very much depressed. 

So I took time off and away to think about what I wanted to accomplish next. 

I tried selling off my animation concepts through various submission sites that would reach Hollywood's ears. None of that ended up working out. The Liger, Space Opera, Ninja Steve, no one wanted to buy my ideas. 

So after having no wind in my sails, I began a quest to upgrade my computer. You all recall the CGI Ninja Steve video I posted several months ago? 


Well, I knew that if I was going to make more complicated 3D animation videos in the future, I would need a more powerful computer to make the program run as well as it could. I can gladly say that after 2 months of getting things together, I'm nearly at the point where I have a completely upgraded computer. I've replaced just about everything I used to have; RAM, CPU, Graphics Card, Power Supply, Cooling Unit, all I need is a new motherboard and I'll be set. I'm looking to have the new motherboard by next weekend and getting it installed soon after that.

As soon as I have everything ready, I'll begin production on new 3D CGI cartoons in Muvizu. I can't wait to do that! I've got the storyline for the rest of Ninja Steve all written out and perhaps something that takes place afterward. :)

But even before that happens, you guys are gonna get a sneak peak at the Emina related things I have in store this upcoming weekend! This newly revamped version of my first episode will be a small taste of what I have in store for the future with my other projects. You'll get to see the rest at the end of the month on the 29th when I truly kick things into high gear. 

Oh and there's another contest going on to win a powerful gaming PC. If you guys want a shot at winning, which then also increases my chances at winning, then click on this link below: 

That's all I can say for now. I do believe though that I've worked through a bit of a dark period in my life and now I'd like to go on to do bigger and better things. Thank you, my fellow BitLanders, for continuing to support my work and subscribing to my page. Over 5,000 subscribers is a huge number for me and I am supremely grateful for the time you have invested in my work and me as a person.

Thank you all for your patience as well. It's about to be rewarded in a big way! 

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