Beware of Posting Information in Social Medias

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Conversation with a CRAZY Japanese who seems to be my STALKER? HUWHAT!? HAHAHAHA. Here is our conversation:



I just said that I don't know Migi and Romantic Boy because I want to assure first if he was referring to my friends here in Bitlanders. And yes, he was. But I know from the very start the he is not sis G2narat. Creepy, right? How did he know my friends here and most especially my username? No one knows my username, even my mom and best friends. Weird!



Kandy is my cousin. The one that I've posted in my gallery. Here! Nah! He made my head spinning (Oha!:D). Seriously! I don't know what he's talking about. Yet, he's planning to report this to their police, NBI, and the Japanese Embassy? WOOOH I'm really scared. ---_-- (insert sarcasm here).




Seenzoned. Huhu 4rH4y qckO bH3! :'(


After he said that he will report me to their Japanese embassy, I unfriended him already then blocked after we talked. I'm not scared that he will report me/us. If he want, I will help him to report this to their president haha. Just kidding. But I am bit scared that maybe he will spread my pictures and telling that I am what? I am liar? I am trickster? I am humbug? Whatever! Good thing all my pictures/albums are in private. Only my facebook friends can see it. Nah! I am not yet ready to become a famous. Lol


Beware of posting information in social medias.

Just like in "Stairway to heaven", she is innocent but the people telling that she was in the video. Yet, in our modern technology, there are many ways to edit pictures. For example, a nude pic, an editor/enemy can edit this and put your face on the picture. Just saying!

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