Beware of rapist on the road

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Oh my God all girls out there beware of the rapist on the road.

Rapist on closed vans - Their victims are female students who are walking alone on the sidewalk. They will stop the van near the girl then grab her inside and put on her face a handkerchief with chemical where you can passed out. After they raped the poor girl they will leave her anywhere. One student managed to scape from the rapist so she told the whole story how she was abducted.

Rapist on taxis - Their victims are female who goes home alone very late at night. Once the girl was inside the taxi the driver will spray some chemical where you'll get dizzy and you wanted  to sleep. Once you passed out the driver will rape the victim. One victim scape because when she felt dizzy she knew that there was something wrong so she startled the driver, when the taxi stopped she immediately jumped out of the taxi and run.

Rapist on the luxury cars - Their victims are female passengers waiting on the side walk . They will pretend to ask some direction and when you entertain the man he will pull you immediately inside the car. Since the door has power lock you cannot scape. One teenager victim was left on the middle of the road, naked and crying.

Hope that our country will implement a more heavy penalty with the rapist. I hope it will be death penalty.


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