Big and small companies

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At the beginning as in any business, there are small and big business. But what are the advantages and the disadvantages of both of them. 

Lets start with the small business, from the name of it, it is small like financially and about its growth. And of course it doesn't bring a great revenue for the owners of the company but at least it is under control especially in the communications between the departments. When the departments communicate with each other, it is easy to transfer the situations and there wont be that much of miss understanding.

And now with the big companies or the multinational companies. they are big business and of course the advantage is the revenue or the profit that they can get from it but in this case it has to be well controlled from its departments. But in this case when the department cummunicates with each other, sometimes it is hard to be well controlled.

and finally everything when the people or the employees put much effort on something, the turnover will cover all the people who deserve of what they have done.


Written by Mohammed Hussein

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