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Today, in the world, there are an estimated 7.3 billion people and growing. More than a third of the world's population lives with less than $2 per day. How can this part of the population join the wealthier countries in supporting charitable organizations and NGO's that are working to improve the world? How can people from emerging countries that struggle to bring food to their families can support organizations like Action Against Hunger, Global Medical Relief Fund or Digital Citizen Fund? Why should they even care or get involved with their work?



All those very important questions find an answer in Bitcoin and other forms of Crypto-assets available today to all people with Internet access. One of Bitcoin most outstanding qualities is the fact that its fraction is the Satoshi, that is a 8 decimals value. In essence, 1 Satoshi today at the current Bitcoin exchange rate of $230 has a value of $0.0000023 that is actually 1/4347th of a cent!



The first step is Education and Digital Literacy. It's very important that people understand what those charitable organizations and NGO are doing for them or their peers, and what type of services and opportunities they provide. This global knowledge will improve health and bring peace all over the world. This is why we created BitCharities, where non for profits and NGOs can present their mission and request donations and support.


It's also very important that we educate the users on the opportunities offered on the World Wide Web. To be great Digital Citizens, people need great Digital Literacy starting from understanding Bitcoin and other forms of Crypto-Assets. People need Internet access. Once they have access, we need to guide them towards meaningful resources to educate them and build their self confidence. People need access to broader information, beyond the walls of their homes, beyond the walls of their schools, beyond the borders of their cities and countries. This set of information will empower them deeply from within and will change their lives and perspective. Information access consolidates self confidence and creates endless opportunities. This is why we created BitLanders, so that users and charities can better understand the opportunities offered by the World Wide Web including the use of Bitcoin and other Crypto-assets.



The second step is getting them involved: once people understand what the organizations are doing, it's important to give them a "call for action". This can be as simple as posting a picture, a blog or a short message. All those actions can be recorded, measured and rewarded with Bitcoin and Satoshis. In fact, at BitLanders, we measure every piece of content posted on our platform with its proprietary algorithm the BuzzScore, and based on this competitive score, we distribute a set amount of Bitcoin every day so that every single active user can benefit from financial rewards with the Bitcoin currency. Every day, we reward our 500,000 users.


Users accumulate Satoshis until they decide to spend or donate even the smallest amount possible to one of the Charities or NGO's that are featured on our dedicated platform called BitCharities.


BitLanders and BitCharities are arming the entire world with the tools to understand, earn and support their ideas and charitable organizations. We can now see wealth redistribution and charitable donations from a complete different perspective.


Let me give an example of what we can do with $1,000:

We can provide $1,000 in rewards to 1,000 people so that they can be motivated to fulfill various tasks including learning what Action Against Hunger, Global Medical Relief Fund or Digital Citizen Fund are doing. By doing so, we seed money to motivate people to become active donors and support a charity of their choice. Based on their BuzzScore (which measures quality content and social media reach), each one of these people will receive additional money for their blogs, pictures and videos! Each one of those users will be invited to donate, and some of them will become regular supporters to the organizations on BitCharities. By doing so, they will take their first step in the world of philanthropy, look at the world from a different perspective and participate in Global Philanthropy Initiatives along with philanthropists and role models like Bill and Melinda Gates.


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