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Hakim stood up and introduced Bitcoin Buffer: a mission to encourage/persuade governments to adopt Bitcoin. Not as primary currency but alongside the established fiat. We looked at him and thought, “Is he crazy?”

Was the look of enthusiasm in his eyes telling of more? Shortly after this we met Hakim formally. Any doubts or questions we had about his state of mind were dispelled fast.

One of the most accomplished participants we had met in our exploration of Bitcoin. Serious, level headed and extremely on the ball. He told us of his background: software development in central banks, trader and trading manager in some of the largest investment banks, involvement in software development in the world of international finance, the last seven years in China consulting in IT. The list goes on.

With a keen understanding of geopolitics and finance in particular, Hakim seems extremely well suited to the role of Bitcoin Ambassador.

At IamSatoshi we are watching out for his forthcoming adventures with interest and high expectations and will be posting regular updates on his progress. Anyone interested in contacting or assisting with finance for the project is welcome to donate through:

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