Bitlanders' Reply to my Email: A must read and noted information

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Hello everyone! Good evening to all  of you. As a member of this wonderful site, have you tried asking the bitLanders support team? When I was invited to join here, I have had lots of questions in my mind. So, just this morning I sent a message to the team by using the email address they provided. I asked them regarding the comment I have received from one of the members who has been using this site for almost two months already. That member told me that constant asking for buzz and subscription is considered as spamming and thus a violation to the policy. 

The information I have received from that member was confirmed correct when the support team of bitLanders replied to me through the email I provided them with. Below is the screenshot of email containing the reply of the team.

So, I would strongly suggest not to spam by refraining asking buzz, subscription, posting same comments, and unrelated comments. I just hope that this news will be useful in guiding you as a member here. Thank you for reading and God bless us all.

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