Bitlanders Tips and Tricks (Part 6)

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Hi Friends!!

Today i'm going to share Unique and wonderfull tips with you people.
You guyz may observe that even having Thousands of Followers,Subscribers
& Doing hardwork on daily bases in posting Blogs,Videos,Microblogs & Galleries
you hardly got 10 to 15 Buzz per post.
Did you ever try to find out,why it happens????

I'm sure your answer will be in NO!!
While it happens because your Subscribers and Followers are IGNORING you & your Posts.
They don'nt BUZZ & Comment on your Videos,Blogs,Microblogs
and Galleries.
No Problem,No need to worry
I'm here with a solution :)

You just have to Follow the few steps following & problem will be solved.

Actually we have to make the Relationship with our Followers and Subscribers,
I'm talking about the Relationship in good way,it mean to Communicate with them
as a Colleague,a Friend or any Relationship,you are Comfortable with.
So that they listen to your talks,not to Ignore your posts.
You may noticed It happens when we know somebody a bit personally,we take a look to
its posts more than ordinary one.I hope you get that what is my point!!

So what we have to do to communicate with our valuable Followers & Subscribers
is mentioned below.

  1. Find out the people who are Regular on,as they are doing posts on the
    daily bases.
  2. Make a Folder named "My Followers" in your Browser,it could be any browser you are
    using like Mozila FireFox,chrome or internet explorer.
  3. Add those 10 selected people in "My Followers" Folder.10 people is better choice,
     but its up to you.You can take 10 or more than that.
  4. Now on the daily Bases Perform few actions with these selected People.
  • Select one of 10 people.
  • Go to his profile.
  • Great him on his Profile at least once in a day.Greeting could be Good morning,Assalam-o-Alaikum,Hi,Hello,
     Good Afternoon,Good Night etc.
  • Post a picture or a quote & specially tag that person.
  • Buzz all his Posts.
  • Do Pleasing comments on his those posts which require a complement.
  • Tell him by leaving a message that you gave him buzzzezz.
     Remember don't post a microblog for doing so.
  • Accost him in your posts.In social networking "Accost" called "Tagging".
  • Share his posts on other Social Networks.Like Gamil,Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ask him for his Facebook,Twitter or Gmail link,& try to have a Formal Conversation with him.
  • Do a meaningful message to him in Bitlanders or other available Social Networks.
     you can have a conversation with him, if he desire.Remember never tease a Follower or Subscriber if he is not interestd.Because in this way if he gave you some buzz,he will stop giving you even those too.
  • Repeat this process for all those selected people in your "My Followers" Folder at least for 5 days.
    So that he and you could remember each other somehow.
  • Make this Trick part of your daily activities on "".


You will InshAllah definitely would get Benefit by this Unique Trick.

Make your Subscribers & Followers Feel Special.

Don't Forget to share this useful information with your Friends too.

Because Sharing is Caring :)

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