BLOG #118: Go with the flow

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Life as we know it is a strong current of things we can control but most of the times things we can't control.  As we grow older, we grow wiser.  We learn to roll with the time and tide.  When you go against the current, it will surely push you back and you might drown.

With God and your friends and family around you, there to guide and help you, life is made easier.  There are those people with good intentions and good hearts that will help you steer away from the those bumps and rocks of evil-minded persons.

I tell you this:  Go with the flow but be you.  Learn to stand out and shine.  Go with the flow and be beautiful you.  Cultivate your goodness and good deeds.  Improve your skills.  Have a positive attitude.  Trust in God and always ask for His guidance, wisdom and strength.

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