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Zoocobia Paradise Ranch is said to be Clark's nature and conservation park.  This is located at Clark Freeport Pampanga.  After watching the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, we went straight to this zoo.  It's an hour's drive I think from the hot air venue to the zoo.  It was a bit tricky getting there and we were almost lost.  We just followed the signs pointing to Zoocobia and finally got to the place.

The amount you will pay when touring the zoo depends on the activities you want to do in the zoo.  There are different kinds of tours.  The activities in the zoo includes:

  • horseback riding
  • slides
  • zipline

and many more.  They also offer meals there.  From where the food came from, that I don't know.  There are tours that could include one of those activities mentioned above or you can take the tour that includes all of those.

It was the love month when we visited the place so they have a promo also that time in celebration of Valentine's Day.  As you can see on the picture below, there were heart displays and a table for two with tablecloth filled with hearts.

They also have items for sale at the entrance/lobby of the zoo where you can buy stuffed toys and such as souvenirs.  The price ranges depending on the stuffed toy or souvenir.

For us, we just took the basic tour package.  We just visited the zoo animals and then watched the animal show at the end of our tour.  They have more birds than any other animals when we visited the place.  Below are some of the animals we saw there and I added some description on some of those pics.

The Grass Owl was the last bird I took a picture of.  I was ahead of our group then, busy taking pictures.  I was about to move on to the other zoo animals when one of our companions got excited and called me back.  The grass owl is doing some head trick she said.  That is one thing I did not want to miss.

Aside from the owls, parrots, hornbill, conure, and eagle, you can also see lizards, snakes, bearcats, alpaca, camel, deer, monkeys, etc.

It was my first time to see most of these animals up close, animals that I only see in books or watch in movies or television.

In the zoo, you can feed some of the animals like the bearcat.  You can also give milk to the goats.  The place where the camels and deer and some other animals are placed is also where they stage the animal show.  The show started with ducks and some other birds followed by other animals.  However, it was the trained monkey who starred the show.

At the end of the tour, there is a museum of some sort called the Zoocology where they displayed hides, tusks, bones of animals and some facts and other info about those animals.

My experience at the zoo was quite contrasting.  I was delighted to see most of the animals up close for the first time.  However, reading from the description posted on the cages of these animals, they are supposed to be living in forests, grasslands, or woodlands and yet they are there enclosed in small and cramped spaces.

Is it okay to say that it is better for them to be caged rather than be out there were they will be killed and hunted?  What's worse is that they have no so-called habitat to live anymore.  Also, I find the zoo a bit dry and hot but the zookeepers managed to provide some shade enough to cool these animals.

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This is certainly a good place to visit when you are around Clark.  It's quite far but seeing those animals can be a delight.

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