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Gather round children. Uncle Pokematic has a story to tell. A story about, shampoo.

Lets start at the beginning. Now Uncle Pokematic has a tendency to overlook the finer detail in his life, which is rather ironic seeing that he has the mind of a steal trap on many other things. Well, when Uncle Pokematic went away to college, he ran out of shampoo close to the end of freshman year and had to use shampoo samples he picked up at promotional events. I told my parents about my predicament. Luckily his aunt was taking her son on a visit of his college that weekend and she brought him some shampoo. For my birthday that year, my aunt gave me a small bag of little shampoo samples as a gag gift that I could use.

For most people, that would be the end of the story. Unfortunately for Uncle Pokematic but luckily for you, there's more. Once again, Uncle Pokematic ran out of shampoo, this time in his sophomore year. Around the middle of second semester, Uncle Pokematic ran out of shampoo again. I used some more of the samples, and my aunt brought me another bottle of shampoo and made some jokes about it. That birthday, she bought me a standard size bottle of shampoo for my birthday as a gag gift.

Well now junior year comes around. Surely after running out of shampoo while at school would have taught Uncle Pokematic to bring 2 bottles of shampoo to college with him. Well no, actually, I brought the bottle I was currently using at home. That one only lasted me till Christmas. My aunt got me a bottle of shampoo for Christmas that year, and I needed it. It was just supposed to be a joke, but it was what I needed.

So now I'm a senior. I've gone through this 3 times already. I've ran out shampoo 3 times. I should know by now that I need to be prepared when it comes to shampoo. Well, this year, I forgot the normal bottle of shampoo completely. All I have is what's left of the samples and the little travel size shampoos that my aunt gave me freshman year. Well, she's moving her son in in 2 days. I'll just have to ask for some shampoo again. It would be just a gronetastic "remember that 1 time you ran out of shampoo" type of story, but since I seem to run out of shampoo while at college, it's now a running gag. Well kids, I hope you enjoyed this story from Uncle Pokematic. Bed time.

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