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DISCLAIMER: The following showcases ads that I ran on a web site. This is not meant to be an advertizement, but rather to showcase my humor in marketing.

Well, today, March 18th 2015, the bitcoin faucet Daily Bitcoins bit the big one. I'm not super sad because this was one of the "worser" bitcoin faucets that I frequent, mainly because it reset after 1 hour and only gave you 50 satoshi, but it did have 1 saving grace, and that's that it gave out advertizement vouchers. Yeah, I was able to advertize on their site for free. When I started using them a year ago, I didn't really know how I was going to use my advertizing credit. Well, then I thought of these. Some slightly parody ads that play on the tropes of banner ads. I hope you enjoy, because everyone I tell them about laughs hysterically.


These all took you where you would kind of expect.

  • The 100000th visitor took you to my blog.
  • The facebook one took you to my facebook page.
  • Singles took you to my ebay page.
  • Amazon took you to Amazon through my Amazon affiliate link.

Then there's the 1 new message. It took you to a special video exclusive to my website. I basically said "you're awesome, thank-you for clicking my ad. Check out the rest of my stuff," as I point to the navigation bar above me.

In addition to the "joke" ads, I did do a couple of more serious ones. Like I ran ads for bitlanders through my referral link, and some cloud mining ads with my referral link. While the image quality and "production value" are the same, it's really just a quick pitch. Bitlanders was "earn bitcoins with the social network that pays." Just simple stuff.

Well, fair well dailybitcoins. I will miss you slightly. I hope you enjoyed my little memory of a bitcoin faucet. This has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.


UPDATE: OK, so the site is back online. Apparently they just went down for a couple days. Either way, I hope you enjoy my sharing of my silly ads. You can use them here, and you can make your own funny ads. Let me know if you see one of my ads (even those not shown here). You can tell mine because they're the 160X480 or whatever they are and look like they were made in MS pain (because they were, lol).

UPDATE 2: I made a photo gallery that I will update with every new ad I make. I hope you enjoy them.

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