BLOG: What is the Internet Rabbit Hole and How Bitlanders can use it

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This is an extension on my blog "how bitlanders can be improved" (and is using the concept of the internet rabbit hole).

So maybe you've heard the term "fall down the internet rabbit hole" or "going down the internet rabbit hole." It's a powerful tool, one that traps me many times, and a tool Bitlanders needs to use.

So what is The Internet Rabbit Hole (TIRH)? The basics is that it's when you go to a web page for a specific thing, an update from a youtuber you subscribe to for example, and while you're there you see a related page or something that interests you and you click on it. You go to that page, and then there's another interesting page, like a top 10 video about the subject at hand, and after clicking on that you see another related article, and next thing you know it's 2 hours later and you still want to click through related pages. That my friends is called "the internet rabbit hole." It gets it's name from Alice in Wonderland, where Alice goes down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Similarly, when one goes down TIRH, they go to wonderland of related interesting content. I've fallen down TIRH more times than I remember. This can happen for gaming news sites, youtube, and possibly most well known is Wikipedia. There's even a game called "the wikipedia game" where a friend gives you 2 random things and you have to find a way to get from the first thing to the last thing through only related articles and in text links in the wikipedia article. This is a little more structured, but still a form of TIRH. This is great for websites because it means users stay on the website longer and are more likely to click on ads and generate revenue. The longer a user stays, the more profitable they are for a website.

So, how can Bitlanders use this tool? Well, add a "related content" side bar. EVERY other video site has a "related video" section, and the more successful ones have more prominent related video sections, and the ones that basically failed had almost non-existent "related videos" sections. News sites with articles have "new articles" and "related articles" at the end of the article so if we want to keep reading, well here's how. Bitlanders, if you want to be successful, you need to exploit TIRH. You don't even have previous works the user had. This is internet 101. Not only does this build community involvement, it makes user engagement and keeps user involved on the site longer, and the more profitable they will be. I have a 30 part lets play series, and another one that's over 40 parts. It would be much easier for users to watch all of them if there was a "related videos" section. I have videos on similar topics. Users are naturally interested in the topic and are more likely to watch it if they know it exists. The same can be said for other users as well. I suggest a simple "related content" section, where similar content is put up for users to easily find and engage in. You will make things better for everyone, including yourself if you use it.

Well, this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

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