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"The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" is episode four of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a barbecued body is found in a fire pit, rather putting people off eating the pig that was also cooking.


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The Body in the Pit

There's a luau going on in a fairly quiet suburban cul-de-sac. They even have a luau pit in which a pig is roasting. When something starts popping in the pit like firecrackers, the pig is removed to check on it. Beneath the pig is a very cooked human amongst the ash.

Booth is Looking After Parker

Booth is looking after Parker because his mother is busy - so Brennan asks Parker if he wants to come with them and see a barbecued person. Parker, as a young boy, naturally does - Booth is less than keen and has him stay with Angela at the Jeffersonian instead (and Parker has a discussion with Angela as he's concerned about his dad's lack of a girlfriend - and asks Angela if she wants to be his dad's. Then Cam).


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The Suburbs are a Dangerous Place

On the way to the suburbs, Brennan tells Booth that they can be quite dangerous, due to suppressed emotions. And someone is barbecued. He's wearing glasses that identify him quite quickly, which is then confirmed by his teeth. The dead man had erected a wind turbine and a solar panel, which made him less than popular with his neighbours, and possibly poisoned the dog of the gay couple. He had also been killed in some decorative gravel, which is what exploded in the fire.


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The Sordid Underbelly of the Suburbs

The luau pit is normally locked and only a couple of people have a key to it. When the pig was placed in the pit, no-one noticed a dead body either. The man was killed before being barbecued, but how he was killed is not easily discovered. Sweets and Brennan get into a discussion about the suburban neighbourhood, with each claiming that their own discipline is the right one - even though they actually agree. The investigation reveals the sordid underbelly of the suburbs. And a whole lot of people who might want the deceased dead.

Where is Mr. Vaziri From?

It's Mr. Vaziri's turn to help in the lab and, when Cam presses him (and continues pressing him) about whether he is okay working with pig bones, he snaps back at her - without his accent. Cam and Booth find it odd that he was faking an accent - Brennan said that his accent was Jordanian despite being supposedly Iranian. So, why was he faking his accent? Cam is concerned. Needlessly, of course.

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