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"The Final Chapter: The Steal in the Wheels" is episode nine of season twelve of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode the body of a bank robber is found after going through a hay baler.

Looking Over the Murder of the Lobbyist

What? Oh, wait! Don't tell me it's morning already. Angela is going to kill me! 

Hodgins' office is full of stuff related to the Gormogon case when Brennan enters and comments that he is in earlier than normal. Hodgins actually hasn't been home; he's been working on Zack's case as the hearing is in two weeks. Back in "The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror", Zack admitted that he didn't kill the lobbyist in "The Pain in the Heart" and in "The Final Chapter: The Flaw in the Saw" Hodgins had found something that looked to prove it. However, given the circumstances, Cam rejected the evidence as she felt Hodgins might have tampered with it.


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They Have a Body to Examine

Hodgins tells Brennan this, as she and Cam threw out the only evidence he's found so far that could exonerate Zack. He asks Brennan if she really thinks he would falsify his work. She says that, to help a friend, yes. Hodgins hasn't found any microbial evidence linking Zack to the murder, but Brennan replies that absence of evidence is not evidence. She has re-examined the evidence a dozen times and does not think that Zack's conviction will be overturned. Besides, they have a body to examine.

The Body Has Tangled with a Hay Baler

The body is not exactly body-shaped at the moment, and Cam is directing the placement of a blood-spattered hay baler and a couple of bales. Hodgins makes a comment about it being a bad place for a roll in the hay and, when he gets a look, asks if it's too early. Cam replies that she doesn't think the time of day is an issue with the comment. The farmer whose baler it is didn't see the remains until they were folded end over end and spat out of the baler. Given the amount of work, Brennan tells Cam that she needs an intern to help. Cam agrees, but says she was going to wait until the sun was up before calling one. Brennan does not appear to be in the mood to wait.


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Gordon Wyatt is Back

Booth! You got a visitor... and, uh, FYI he brought some tiny cakes with him.

Aubrey arrives at Booth's office saying he has a visitor. Dr Gordon Wyatt. Who comes bearing a plate of what Aubrey calls tiny cakes but Gordon corrects him and says that they are petit fours. Aubrey thinks they look delicious, whatever they are called. It seems that Gordon has also got his first Michelin star and now feels he can be called chef.

Booth Wants Gordon's Help with Zack's Files

Gordon tells Booth that he hasn't practiced psychiatry in some time but Booth says that he needs Gordon as he's the only one Sweets would have trusted with his files. The files from visiting Zack. Booth and Aubrey have been over the files themselves but not found anything. Aubrey is so distracted by the petit fours that Gordon tells him to give into temptation. Booth takes the plate, though, and says that they were brought for him. Gordon says that there are plenty to go around. And to share. Good children share.


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People With Revolvers Probably Don't Wear Ski Masks Because it's Chilly

Back at the Jeffersonian, Angela says that, with half the skull missing, it will be some time before she has an ID. Brennan tells Cam that she needs the assistance of an intern and Cam replies that she heard her the first dozen times and that Dr Fuentes is on his way in. Until then, Brennan asks Angela to lend a hand. Angela does not look happy with this idea. When Hodgins finds a parasitic roundworm, she is looking forward to the idea of rummaging through the remains even less. Cam and Hodgins discuss the roundworm, because such are rare outside of poverty-stricken countries, and this is unusually big. So, given that the body is male and young, the hypothesis is that it's of a poor younger man from a rural area. Then Angela finds a ski mask. Northern Virginia gets pretty cold, so such might not be unreasonable. Although Hodgins comments that a field is a poor place to pick to hit the hay - accidental pun this time; or so he claims - if the victim was susceptible to the cold. Then Angela fishes out a revolver. Which would appear to rule out wearing the ski mask because it was chilly.

Gordon has Made Himself at Home

At the FBI, Aubrey tells Booth that, of the armed robberies within the time period, there are 15 masked bandits using a handgun who still have not been caught or identified. When they arrive at Booth's office, Gordon is sat with a blanket over his lap and a small electric fire going through Sweets' files. Booth did says that Gordon should make himself at home. This was not quite what he meant. Gordon offers them a biscuit and Booth states that they are cookies. Aubrey tells Booth not to argue, or Gordon will stop making them snacks. Snacks are very important to Aubrey. Booth plans to find Gordon a new office though.


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Dr Fuentes has Arrived

Dr Fuentes has arrived at the Jeffersonian and he tells Angela it will take an hour to reassemble the victim's skull. Angela asks if he can do it in 20 minutes, otherwise Brennan may have an aneurysm. Rodolfo understands that Brennan's current behaviour and mood is due to losing her father in "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score". Cam arrives at this point and asks Fuentes if he's ID'd the victim yet,. He replies that, as all he has done so far is finished putting on his gloves, no. Cam says that the victim tested negative for drugs and toxins but positive for saline. Which is odd. Rodolfo says that can happen in double red blood cell donation, a very rare type he himself does and which can only be done once every four months.


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Brennan Heads to the FBI

This rarity leads to an ID for the victim, Dustin Doyle, 22 years old from Covington, Virginia. Aubrey tells Brennan that Dustin had multiple counts of petty theft and other criminal activities and she thinks he's implying that, just because the victim had a chequered past, they shouldn't put as much effort into solving his death. That wasn't what Aubrey was suggesting. Then Gordon appears trundling a cart. He greets Brennan, who asks why he is trundling a trolley around the office. Apparently Gordon was supposed to take up residence in the conference room, but it's currently occupied by the victim's mother. Booth is at the chiropractor about his back and Aubrey says he accidentally double booked. Brennan thinks this is very inconsiderate and Aubrey tells Gordon that, if he gives them a couple of minutes, the room will be his.


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The Victim Was Less than Honest to His Mother About the Money's Source

Agnes Doyle, when she mentioned her son's job, tells Aubrey and Brennan that her son had been promoted to the manager of the Waffle Shack. A job that he had actually been fired from six months ago. Brennan notices that Agnes has Parkinson's and she would be much worse without her medication. She isn't employed and she says that Dustin has been taking care of her. With medication that Brennan says would cost $5K+ per month. Perhaps Agnes should move to another country. It seems that whatever Dustin was doing was being done to keep his mother medicated.

Dr Fuentes - The First Forensic Anthropologist Certified by Cuba and the U.S.

Rodolfo tells Cam that Dustin had suffered from whiplash, and it appears that he had been in a car crash hours before his death. Cam also found evidence that the revolver found with the victim had been fired and there was one bullet missing. She also has a present for Rodolfo - a new blue Jeffersonian lab coat, as he has finished his doctorate. Making Dr Fuentes the first ever forensic anthropologist to be certified by both the U.S. and Cuba. Something not even Brennan can claim.

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Dustin Had an Accomplice

Angela and Aubrey turn up in Gordon's conference room, as it has the biggest television. Aubrey apologises for interrupting but Gordon replies that it will be a pleasant interruption from reading about a cannibalistic cult. There were no unsolved robberies that involved a gun being fired, but one involved a car crash, of the Bendsville Savings & Loan. After robbing the bank, the thief was chased by the local police, and the chase is watched from the cruiser's dashcam as well as security cameras. Dustin, as it was probably him, was driving professionally and the police cruiser chasing him was taken out by a second car. One that was deliberately planned. Which means Dustin had an accomplice.

A Nice Bank Robber

The manager of the Bendsville Savings & Loan tells Aubrey that $60K in cash was taken, about the most they ever have on hand. Aubrey asks if it could have been an inside job and he replies no. As the manager told the TV reporters, Friday is when most people cash their cheques so it doesn't take a genius to figure out that is when they have the most cash on hand. The teller who Dustin took the money from says that she recognises him from the picture Aubrey shows her. Because Dustin had nice eyes. As odd as it sounds, she says that Dustin was nice. He was calm and collected and walked her through what to do. Which suggests that it wasn't his first heist.

Shot with His Own Gun

Dustin had a gunshot wound to the gut and the slug sounds as if it matches the gun that was found with him. He was shot at point blank range and also tested positive for gunshot residue. There were torn ligaments, so it looks as if Dustin struggled with his killer and got shot with his own gun. Dustin had also been casing the bank prior to robbery and regularly stayed in motels in various places once per month. Places that also had banks that were robbed.


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Demolition Derby is What the Doctor Ordered

Angela and Cam are looking at the footage of the car that hit the cruiser when Rodolfo comes in. Cam says that the car looks like a junker, but Rodolfo recognises the chassis and that the bumper isn't original. He says that, for a junker, the car is heavy and tough and ideal for smashing into things. This leads to a demolition derby. Which Gordon suggests Booth and Brennan go undercover to. Brennan isn't interested so Gordon orders her to go and participate. To get some of the anger out. Brennan thinks this is stupid and pointless. Until she actually gets behind the wheel and starts smashing into things. Demolition derby seems to be just what the doctor/chef ordered.


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Rodolfo is Reluctant to Leave

Rodolfo hasn't put on his new blue jacket and Cam gets the reason out of him. He says that there are few jobs for forensic anthropologists in the DC area - a fact that Cam is aware of, as Arastoo has told her the same - and that wearing the jacket makes it real. That it's time to move on and to leave. Cam understands and asks if Rodolfo is still coming to her wedding. He says of course, for they are family. And he loves to party.

Gordon Has a Clue

Oh, Agent Aubrey! Look, I hope this isn't a food related matter, because, uh, it's not a good time. I'm busy looking for trees.

Gordon turns up in Hodgins' office. Seeing the footage of the bank robbery got his grey cells going. Zack says that he didn't murder the lobbyist , Gormogon's previous apprentice did. Then Gormogon killed the apprentice, who had failed him, to make room for Zack. So Gordon says they need to find the body of the previous apprentice, so that they can examine it for evidence. Hodgins asks if they are supposed to find a body that was disposed of nearly ten years ago. The answer is yes. Gordon thinks that the apprentice's disposal will be Masonic in some way. It does sound a bit like hunting for a needle in a haystack.


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