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"The Final Chapter: The Grief and the Girl" is episode eight of season twelve of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode Sully returns and Booth and Aubrey head to Newfoundland to investigate the death of an American.


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Previously on Bones...

In the previous episode, "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score", Brennan's father, Max, got shot whilst protecting his grandchildren from someone intending to hurt Booth by killing his children - saving the life of an FBI agent as well. Max made it to the hospital, but died after surgery. Now, it seemed as if they were building towards him having a terminal illness in "The Final Chapter: The Brain in the Bot", but it was revealed that he had a pacemaker fitted and his health improved, only for him to promptly die.


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Brennan is Not Okay

Brennan is at home looking in the fridge. Booth comes in the room and asks if she's okay. Brennan takes some cream soda out of the fridge and said that her father was the only one who drank it, so they no longer need to buy it. And that she was the only one in the house who noticed her father drank it. Brennan continues; she's heard from the cemetery about Max's funeral and they will probably be able to clean her mother's headstone before then. Booth tells Brennan that she isn't alone, and he will do whatever she needs.

A Body in Newfoundland

Booth's phone chirps but he ignores it, saying it's not important. When it goes off a second time, Brennan grabs it. A body was found washed up on a beach in Newfoundland, Canada. The body is of a woman who had a U.S. passport in her travel belt. Booth then tells Brennan what Max did with the cream sodas, mixing it with milk for the kids, calling it a grandpa milkshake. Booth thought it would be nice to continue with that. Brennan goes back to the body, saying that the remains have been transported to the Jeffersonian to confirm ID. Booth asks if Brennan wants him to drive her there; she replies that she's perfectly capable of driving herself.

A Victim from North Carolina

Clark, Cam and Hodgins are with the remains and have confirmed the ID as being Sarah Abbott from North Carolina. Hodgins says that the deceased was dressed as if she was out for a hike. The victim has a chest wound, a through and through, suggesting a gunshot, and Hodgins has found dung on the body. The victim looks to have spent three days dead in the water and one on the beach she was discovered on. Angela then comes onto the platform, giving them a heads up that Brennan is on her way in. Cam says she didn't contact Brennan, so Booth must have told her.


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The Victim Had Recently Graduated and was Travelling a Lot

At the FBI, Aubrey has a scan of a picture that was in the victim's travel belt. The original has been sent to Angela to see if she can make sense of it, as it's been badly water damaged. Sarah Abbott had recently graduated from UNC and according to her sister was travelling a lot. Aubrey asks how Brennan is doing, and tells Booth there was nothing he could have done.

The Return of Tim Sullivan

Everyone keeps asking me that. I don't know how to answer that question.

Brennan arrives in Angela's office, saying that Cam had told her Angela had something for her. Angela just hugs Brennan, and asks how she is. Brennan replies that everyone keeps asking her that, but she doesn't know how to answer. So Angela asks about the kids instead. Brennan thinks they are glad to get back into a routine. Brennan comments that the water-damaged image looks like a painting; Angela replies that it looks like a photo of a painting printed on regular printer paper. At this point Cam enters with Sully - former special agent Tim Sullivan (played by Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13's Pete Lattimer) who hasn't been seen since he literally sailed off in "The Boneless Bride in the River".

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Where Did Sully Come From?

Cam and Angela leave to give Brennan some time with Sully. Angela asks Cam where Sully came from; Cam says she has no idea, security just said they had a visitor. Clark asks who the dude with Dr Brennan is and Angela tells him that Sully is the only guy besides Booth who ever stood a chance.

Personal Matters

Brennan is showing Sully photos of her kids and he says they are cute. She asks Sully why he is here - here here, not just on the East Coast. Sully replies that he heard about what happened with her father and wanted to check on her. Brennan comments that Sully has aged and he agrees yes, he has. She also asks about a woman Sully is seeing - who plays oboe - and Sully replies that she's young. So not much of a chance. Brennan responds that, statistically, there is more of a chance than with someone Sully's own age.


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A Low Velocity Gunshot and a Piece of Bone?

Cam and Clark are examining the body. The injury is consistent with a gunshot but Cam says that the damage to the soft tissue suggests a low velocity. Then Clark asks about Sully; Cam didn't think he was the sort to gossip. Clark replies that he isn't, he's just concerned about the convenient timing of the visit when Brennan is vulnerable. Hodgins comes in the room and says that Sully isn't a predator, he's one of the nicest guys around. Something is found embedded in the adipocerous, that looks like a piece of bone. Hodgins spots some string and suggests that the bone is something the victim was wearing.

Sully is Aubrey's New Idol

Tim Sullivan. Former special agent, now professional sandwich maker.

At the FBI, Sully tells Booth that he named a sandwich after him. After Sully describes what's in the sandwich, Booth approves of it. Brennan wants a sandwich too, and Sully tells her he has named one after her. Aubrey arrives and introduces himself, Sully does the same, as a former special agent and now a professional sandwich maker. Aubrey tells Sully he may be his new idol. Booth then tells Sully they have to work the case, and Sully invites them to dinner tomorrow, on him.

Sarah's Sister Arrives

Sarah's sister has come in. She says they lost their parents 14 years ago in a car crash. She was 18 but Sarah only 8, so Sarah went to live with their grandmother. The grandmother died four months ago and Sarah took it hard, and seemed to be adrift. She thought travel would help. The picture Sarah had on her apparently looks like a painting their grandmother had. When the sister talks about how Sarah's loss makes her feel, it looks like Brennan can relate to this.


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Tell Me Everything

Aubrey speaks to Angela at the Jeffersonian and she tells him that the picture is of Newfoundland and signed Stella Louis, the grandmother's name. A secret harbour, a picture she had painted herself. Aubrey asks Angela about Sully, as he thinks Brennan has a history with him. Angela closes the blinds and doors and says to Aubrey to tell her everything.

Brennan Wants to Be Alone

The piece of animal bone was being worn as a necklace and, Brennan tells Booth, is some sort of relic according to Clark. Booth tells her that the RCMP have agreed to full FBI involvement. She asks Booth when he leaves. Booth replies that he isn't going, but Brennan says that he is the lead investigator on the case. Booth wants to be there for Brennan; she says that Booth asked how he could help, and she thinks it would be good for her to be alone for a few days.

A Viking Knitting Needle

So, the dung from the victim's boots came from a Rangifer Tarandus, otherwise known as...

Hodgins tells Cam the Latin name of the animal the dung was from. She translates that as boreal woodland caribou. Hodgins asks Cam how she knows that; she points at the screen above Hodgins head which has said caribou on it with the caption below. Hodgins also found type types of lichen and says that old man's beard can be used as toilet paper in a pinch. This is vaguely relevant; old man's beard is the common name for one of the lichen. Clark comes in and says that the piece of bone is animal bone. More than that, it's a needle, one used in nålebinding , a precursor to knitting. Which was used by Vikings. And confirms that yes, it's that type of Vikings. Two years ago, a man found a Viking hoard worth over $2 million. A similar size hoard would be a motive for murder.


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Aubrey Volunteers to Speak to the Gourmet Jerky Maker

Aubrey and Booth arrive in Newfoundland and have been informed that the results from the chest wound included venison jerky. Their assigned officer from the RCMP - Aubrey is disappointed it's not the full red uniform she's wearing - Gilda Sandling says that she has a potential witness; Sarah was apparently her tenant. One of them can take the rental car to check it out and the other can go along the coast road with Sandling to look for the harbour from the painting. The witness is a bit of a local celebrity who makes gourmet venison jerky. Aubrey volunteers to speak to her. Not a great surprise.

An Undiscovered Viking Settlement?

At the Jeffersonian, Brennan comments to Clark that an undiscovered Viking settlement is exciting. He comments that he supposes so. Brennan tells Clark that he has her approval to pursue an investigation into this, as long as Clark's work on the case doesn't suffer. Clark responds with rather more enthusiasm to this.

Aubrey Would Love Some Jerky

Aubrey is speaking to Gretchen Crockett, the jerky maker. He asks how widely available it is. Gretchen tells Aubrey that she can ship it to DC; Aubrey says no. Well, not no, because he'd love some, but he meant locally in the context of the case as there was jerky at the crime scene. Gretchen says she sells it all over the island, and a few stores on the mainland. She says that the last time she saw Sarah was Tuesday night. A man had given Sarah a ride home from somewhere and got the wrong idea, telling her she would be sorry. Aubrey asks for a description but Gretchen wrote down the number plate, just in case.


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The Island Cannot Afford to Chase Away a Major Investor

The car has been rented by an American, Alan Hitchcock. He and his father are scouting the island for a site for a new luxury resort. Neither Aubrey nor Booth have a high opinion of the Hitchcocks. Booth and Sandling speak to Adam, who admits he met Sarah when shown her photo. He offered to drive her around the island; when asked why she would regret turning him down, Adam asks who wouldn't regret doing so. Obviously, a fairly high opinion of himself. Much higher than Booth's opinion of Hitchcock, as he starts ripping into him before Sandling apologises and leads Boot away. Sandling tells Booth that the island is an economically depressed area and they can't afford to chase away a major investor.

Death By Hunting Arrow

Clark is doing satellite archaeology in Hodgins' office, trying to locate a Viking settlement. Which Hodgins thinks is awesome and comes over to help. Cam and Brennan are discussing the wound, because it doesn't quite match up with a gunshot. But it shows sharp force and projectile trauma. Leading them to conclude it was a hunting arrow. The hunter could have been eating jerky prior to the shot, leading to transfer. Clark and Hodgins have identified what would be a suitable type of site for the murder, but there are too many possibles, so they go back to searching for Vikings.


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A Money Motive?

It seems that Sarah was looking into her family history and the owner of a hunting store on the island recognises the harbour, saying it's on the Andreassen's land. They have several hundred acres of sea front property. Property that the Hitchcocks have just offered big money for - and it seems Sarah may be related to them. So would stand to get some of the money. That would be another motive. But is it the right one?

Dinner With Sully

Brennan has dinner with Sully by herself, and they discuss their old relationship, her father and how Sully sold everything he owned and ran away from the only woman he truly loved. There is no longer anything between them that way, and Brennan explains to Booth later why Sully means so much to her. Brennan also discusses Booth with Angela. Brennan is concerned that Booth blames himself for Max's death - and he does, even though Brennan doesn't.


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